Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Safety & sickness

My guardian angel was definitely with me this morning as I finally ventured into work. I was terrified the whole way here and thought about pulling over, calling my dad, and asking him to come take me the rest of the way. But, thankfully, all of my prayers were answered and I arrived safely. The thing that scared me the most was as I was coming down our street, I couldn't stop. I was trying to tap my brakes and nothing was working! Well, the end of our street is a pretty major thoroughfare and I was just begging God to stop my car so that I wouldn't roll out into the oncoming (although it was very little) traffic. Thankfully, my prayer was answered and I was able to stop just inches from being out in the intersection in the path of an oncoming car. I had a couple of other scares but I survived!

I'm so glad that the schools are closed again today. Our poor little girl has a terrible cold and we both thought she needed another day at home. Since the schools were out, Zach got to stay home with her without using any personal or sick days. Hopefully she will get better soon. Last night she felt so awful and her little cry is so hoarse and pathetic it just broke my heart. We go to see Dr. Fred tomorrow for her 4 month check up so I'm thankful he can go ahead and check her out to make sure it's nothing more than a cold. I'm ready for my little girl to feel better!

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  1. Hope Ava is better today and hope the roads (and electricity) are still holding up. Glad the chicken spaghetti recipe worked out for you. We LOVE it and have it very often! It's also a great one to take for a potluck!


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