Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Whew! Christmas was a whirlwind of activity! We had such a good Christmas. Ava was SO excited on Christmas Eve. She knew something was going on, but wasn’t quite sure what it was! She found out quickly enough!

Our Christmas celebrations began with Christmas Eve Children’s Mass. I wanted a photo of Ava in her dress and this is how it started:IMG_0105IMG_0114IMG_1915IMG_1930 IMG_1928

After church, we went to my grandparents’ house. My little cousins all love American girl dolls and earlier this month, one got the AG wheelchair. Ava LOVED it and my grandma got her one for Christmas. Is that not the funniest little thing?IMG_1949

Happy birthday to Jesus!!!!!! Blowing out birthday candles on Jesus’ birthday cake!! One of my very favorite Christmas traditions!!!IMG_1979

After leaving my grandparents, we went to my parents’ house to do Christmas with my immediate family.

Stephen and Leslie – so cute!IMG_1982 IMG_1991

My parents got Ava this motorized four wheeler. My sis went upstairs to get it and missed the directions to leave it in the hallway. Ava saw it and jumped up and screamed “What’s that?!?!?!?!” She was sooooooooooo excited! IMG_1992 IMG_1993

We woke up and did our family Christmas on Christmas morning!! Ava had a lot of fun opening her presents!! She still has one present that she doesn’t know about yet. She has a play house waiting for warmer weather. Seeing as how we had to get ready to travel that day, we didn’t want to fight with her to get her away from it.

IMG_2014 IMG_2030

After presents, we got around and traveled to spend a couple of days with Zach’s family. After arriving at his grandma’s and eating Christmas lunch, we had another round of Christmas! Ava got lots of new things she loves! She spent an hour tonight playing with her Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads!

IMG_2037 IMG_2036

Ava had so much fun all three days we celebrated Christmas! She was sooooooo good considering the lack of sleep she was running on!

For a while, I’ve wanted to take Ava to the Build-a-Bear workshop to make a new animal!! We had the chance to do that yesterday! She wasn’t crazy about the stuffing process, but was all about giving her new doggie a shower!!!!IMG_0147

Carrying her new doggie home! She looks SO grown up to m here! *tear* Can’t believe how grown up she is getting!IMG_0150  This was SUCH a FUN Christmas! I love seeing how excited Ava gets and how much magic there is in her little eyes! I hope you had a Christmas that was as full of magic as ours!!

P.S. – I finally got my Kitchen Aid mixer – woohoo!!!!!!!!!!! :)


  1. Glad you guys had a great Christmas!! I love Ava's photo in front of the Christmas tree - she's so pretty! Also, Jon and I got Mr. & Mrs. Potato Heads for Christmas, too! hehe

  2. The pictures of her in front of the tree smiling so big are precious!!
    And glad you are off this week! So great! :)

  3. Saw yall at Mass. Ava looked TOO cute!

  4. She's presh - I LOVE the leopard print jacket!! I want a Kitchen Aid mixer too! I'm super jealous. :) Glad y'all had a good Christmas!

  5. Yay for you getting the mixer!! Ava is really growing up and looks so precious in every picture! I love the american doll wheelchair, how sweet. I'm happy to see that you all had a wonderful Christmas, hope your New Years is amazing as well!

  6. She is SO precious! Glad you had a good Christmas!! Can't wait to get these girls together to play again soon. Have a good rest of the week home with your little angel! :)

  7. Ava looked so pretty on Friday at in her Christmas dress and her red coat/hat just MADE the outfit! I had SUCH a great time getting to spend Christmas Eve with y'all...seriously one of the best Christmases ever!!

  8. OH my word...these pictures are SO cute!! Ava is a little model...that dress and then the coat/hat combo?! Killer...love it!! Looks like y'all had a wonderful Christmas.


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