Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Riding the Christmas train!

Time to get caught up to date!! We’ve been busy with lots of Christmas celebrations and festivities. I must say, this was probably one of the most fun Christmases to date!

Last week, we met up with our friends for a quick bite to eat and then headed to ride the holiday train at the park!!!

K and Ava had fun playing in the booths!IMG_0090IMG_1888

K’s mommy was smart and brought suckers for the girls while we waited!!!IMG_1890


Ava was sad when she got off the choo-choo! She cried for “Ava’s choo-choo” halfway home! Guess we’ll be going back next year!!!


  1. We had SO much fun!!! I think we should make it a Christmas tradition to go eat and the ride the train together!! :)

  2. I'm still giggling about Ava and Stephen's dance Friday night! : ) Hope you had a great Tuesday and are enjoying your MUCH deserved time off!!


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