Tuesday, December 21, 2010


We’re enjoying a quiet week gearing up for Christmas!!!! Tonight we are going to ride the train at the local park and look at all the lights they have and Ava is super excited! She likes choo-choos!

We bought Ava some panties recently to try and get her a little more excited about potty training. Well, she was excited about the panties! In fact, she wanted to wear all 3 pair at the same time!

IMG_0073 She looks like a ragamuffin! She wanted her shirt off – she thought she could get the panties on as a shirt! Sadly, as much as she loves the panties, she’s no more interested in using the potty!

We’ve been listening to lots of Christmas music and Ava’s very favorite song is Deck the Halls. When we get in the car, she asks to hear the “la-la song”. Sometimes I sing with her and other times I like to just listen to her. If she notices me not singing, she’ll say “sing, mama!” It’s so cute! It’s also cute that (sometimes) when she hears the music, she’ll say “Daddy’s Band!!!” – of course it isn’t, but it’s cute that she thinks so! Here’s our little concert!


  1. She is so precious!! My Ava has watched this video about 20 times now! She keeps saying "she Ava too...awww cute"!! : )

  2. My lil' guy also has an obsession with underwear, but not too fond of the potty. Must be a phase... He's also into undressing and dressing himself, by himself. It's a disaster at times, but I have to be patient. (NOT easy. Especially when we need to hurry...) He also loves the "la-la" song just as Ava does, although he doesn't like me to sing along with him. LOL Your lil' princess is just gorgeous, and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Love her version of the "la-la" song! Too stinkin' cute! Ready to see the little fashionista this weekend! : )


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