Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Still not a Santa fan…

We got Ava’s Santa pictures from school yesterday and thought I’d share all of the ones from her 3 Christmases. You’ll notice a theme!

Ava’s 1st Christmas – 3 months old – what 3 month old cries with Santa? MINE! And yes, Santa really did make that face!


Christmas #2 – They had Santa at her school and I knew it probably wouldn’t go well so I took a break and ran over there. The only way we got a picture was for ME to sit (or hover) with Santa. And she still cried.


Christmas  #3 – We knew Santa was going to school again but didn’t know when (somehow I’m so good that she wore her “Santa Rocks” shirt the day she had her pictures!) Zach called me after he’d picked Ava up yesterday and asked if I’d seen her Santa pictures. I hadn’t … and he said they were hilarious. See for yourself. IMG_0001IMG_0002Concentrating on her candy cane but still not happy! IMG_0003

We also went to Breakfast with Santa at church Sunday and that didn’t go so well either! I don’t have that photo yet but rest assured that it’s more of the same! She cried in my arms – I have NO clue how they got her in Santa’s lap at school! Maybe next year we’ll get one with no tears!


  1. I can't stop laughing! Oh my... poor girl!

  2. I am dying laughing!! Hilarious!! My Ava isn't a fan either! She likes talking about him, but she constantly tells us that he is not allowed to come in her house and he can leave the presents on the porch! It is a little weird if you think about it! Maybe our Avas are just very smart cookies! : )

  3. i know i told you last night, but i love love love these photos. Bless her heart!!

  4. Oh Sarah, this made me laugh! I LOVE these pics! Poor Ava..she's just not a Santa fan : ) Good job on having her wear the shirt on the day she was seeing him though, even if it was unintentional, haha!

    Ready to see y'all at Christmas!

  5. that is so awesome! 3 for 3! Hey at least she is consistent :)


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