Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ava’s social calendar!

Time is flying by as usual! Before I know it, it will be October and we’ll have a new baby here with us!

Ava has gotten to see lots of friends and family this past week!I had to get a burp cloth embroidered so I stopped by my friend Amanda’s. Ava  went with me and was excited to play with her little girl, Kenley.  IMG_8765 IMG_8806

They look so grown up to me the way they were posing!

We also got to meet sweet Baby Luke this week! Ava was a little hesitant to meet her baby cousin but after a few minutes she wanted to hold him and help him. I hope maybe instead of being jealous when her little brother arrives, she’ll just want to be a little mommy!!!IMG_2282

Yesterday we went to Tulsa to meet Sarah and her sweet Ava! We think it’s funny that we have the same name and so do our girls! If she has a little boy too, we’ll have to see if we come up with the same name there, too! It was a little confusing for the Ava’s – every time one of us would say Ava they would both look at us. And her Ava called mine ‘Different Ava’ – I LOVED it! So hilarious! At the end of the day she also call me ‘Different Mommy!’ So cute! IMG_0432

Alright, ladies – PLEASE help! I am having the HARDEST time finding crib bedding I like. I find something and it’s either over $300, or it’s being discontinued, or the latest one – the set came with all kinds of stuff, but not the bumper! Really?! Any ideas on places to look that aren’t outrageously priced. I’m not really sure how to even explain what I’m wanting – I guess I want something that’s not just traditional baby blue – something with shapes, stripes, dots, etc….. nothing cheesy! Ok, go!


  1. Have you checked out this place

    I know someone who ordered from there and really liked what that got.

  2. Love those girls!! We had a blast yesterday! Can't wait until our next visit!!

  3. Check out Caden Lane bedding!


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