Monday, June 20, 2011

Out of the mouth of Ava..

I love how much Ava is talking these days. Sometimes we know just what she is saying and others, well, it’s still a guessing game. I want to remember some of her silly sayings so I’m jotting them down!

  • Instead of saying airport, she says airplane-port!
  • When she gets really excited and wants to show us something she says “yook yook!” So cute that her L’s aren’t there yet!
  • When singing Jesus Loves Me, she sings Baby Jesus loves me! She loved reading the Nativity at Christmas (and like 4 months after) and I guess Baby Jesus stuck with her.
  • She asks what things are all the time and no matter what it is, she wants to know what it’s doing. Example: “what couch doin?”
  • Any time I get frustrated and change the tone of my voice or make a “grrrrr” sound Ava always says “Mama, what happnen?”
  • Zach asked her to pick up her toys and she responded with “I too little!” OMG – love it!
  • We were at my mom’s house and i told her to pick  up the toys she got out there and she said “i need Stephanie help me”
  • Her newest thing to say is “I not…” followed by whatever she “not want to do”. One day she said “I not take a nap” and  I found this three minutes later!IMG_2240
  • Not sure if I’ve posted this before or not, but when Zach is giving me a hard time and I tell him to stop, Ava chimes in and says “Shame, shame, Daddy! Be nice to Mommy!” She also does this for Zach, though not quite as frequently!!
  • When she is at my parent’s house and Zach gets there to pick her up, she gets mad and cries and says “Ava Daddy NOT pick up Ava. My mama pick up Ava” – guess she thinks if she waits on me she’ll get a few extra minutes!
  • When school was still in, she was convinced her “Homma” (grandma) was picking her up one day. When her daddy showed up she was VERY angry and wouldn’t go with him. She kept repeating that Homma would pick her up. :)
  • The other night I was laying on the couch and Ava ran in the room and climbed up and said (with a very hickish accent) “Mama, that baby still in you belly? I see it?” So incredibly cute! :)
  • When she is trying to say she doesn’t like something or doesn’t want to do something, she says “I can’t…” – When she doesn’t like a food it’s “I can’t like that!”
  • Last night we were watching the special on the Duggar baby being born, and she looked at me and said “Mama, you have your baby at home?” uh, no, baby. don’t think i’ll be doing that. At least I hope not!
  • Anything to the water has to have the word in front of it. Her pool is her “water pool” and boats are “water boats”. Here she is one day before playing in her water pool! She  can stop growing any time!IMG_2732
  • When Zach and I talk during the day and Ava wants to say hi, I can hear her in the back ground saying “I wanna hi Mama!”
  • When I get home for lunch or at the end of the day, she asks me, “Mama, you have a big day?”
  • When she hears a noise, she’ll look at us with huge eyes and say “you heard that?”
  • She’s not a fan of flies which are abundant right now and the other day I heard her tell one in her stern voice: “you get out of here right now, bug. go away.” if only it were that easy!
  • Lately when i get home or if she is talking to me on the phone she’ll ask “Mama, you miss me?”

I love this kid and all the crazy things she says!


  1. Ohhhhhhhh! I just love that girl! She is too cute! :)

  2. What a sweet girl! I can't wait til Gracyn starts talking a little more!

  3. I need to write down Emerson's sayings!! And she is too cute!! Now you just need a video of it!!

  4. She is soooo Cute! and thanks for sharing such a wonderful pics... share some more pics..


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