Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Inside my head

I have the desire to blog but have no topic to blog about so I’m going to do a brain dump tonight.

  • It is HOT! This heat is totally sucking the energy out of me! I have a long 16.5 weeks to go!
  • I’m still craving that margarita though this stuff is helping – tastes very close to one, just without the alcohol. IMG_2764
  • Thanks for the suggestions on baby bedding. I think we have one picked out. Good thing we aren’t paying for the really $$$ ones b/c Zach didn’t like them anyway. Go figure. We are going tomorrow to a baby store during my lunch hour just to look one more time and then I think we’re done. FINALLY!
  • No name yet. Zach says he’s like 90% sold on one, but doesn’t want to commit yet. C’mon buddy – let’s get this kid named so i can put his name on things! Even little boys need personalized items!
  • It’s funny how life changes as you get older. I try to be the type of friend I would like to have and I’m not sure that always comes across as I hope it does. I wish true intentions were always seen. Praying for some clarity in this aspect of my life.
  • I am feeling this sweet baby boy moving every day now and I love it. He’s a wiggler! I’m HOPING that he’s a little calmer than Ava. She is our wild girl and we need a calmer one, too!
  • Does anyone know how to make tissue pompoms or know a good tutorial for them? Would love to make some for Leslie’s wedding shower in a couple weeks!
  • Our baby boy is gathering some clothing! Love seeing little things knowing I’ll soon be snuggling the little guy in them!IMG_2766
  • I’m struggling a little with being sad over Ava not having all of our attention anymore when he comes but I know we have enough love for both our babies. It will just be different.
  • For a long time, Ava wasn’t crazy about my grandma. Maybe it was b/c it was always a little scary to her when we’d be around my whole family and she was unsure. One day, my mom took her to my grandma’s house and she loved the toys there so she has been crazy about her ever since. Saturday we were over there and she RAN to sit with her on the porch. This picture is priceless to me!IMG_2293
  • Okay friends. That is all. if you read this all the way through, kudos to you. My life is fascinating these days. Happy mid-week! Two more days til the weekend!!!!


  1. Ok...
    1. You are a great friend!
    2. I'm ready to hear the baby's name too. Get with the program, Zach. ;)
    3. I totally love Ava's upside down glasses. :)
    4. I am the bomb-diggity at making pompoms. Seriously. Call me.

  2. I always worried that I wouldn't give Maggie enough attention when she arrived. ;) I thought I'd try to overcompensate with Caroline and then Maggie would feel neglected. I think that main thing that happened after Maggie arrived is that Daddy became her favorite person. Darren has always been very hands-on, but when I was busy with Mags he just took over with Caroline almost full-time. It's a strange transition from one to two, but I assure you it DOES go back to "normal"...well, a new normal. ;) And it's GREAT!

  3. Stephen swears we are the same person sometimes and I do believe it may be true : ) I can totally relate on the whole friend issue. I try to "do unto others" and sometimes I think intentions get misinterpreted. I'm dealing with that with my Maid of Honor right now and it's SO hard. Anywho, LOVE seeing all that baby boy exciting! And that pic of Ava and Geraldine is just priceless!

  4. You are a GREAT friend- I am SO thankful for you!! Love you! Also- I can make the tissue paper poms if you need help!! AND- Ava is precious. Kenley misses her- on our way home last night she asked over & over & over can Ava come swim? So we need to get them together soon.

  5. Recently, I became obsessed with tissue paper pom poms! They're so fun. Below is a link to the tutorial I used to learn how to make them. Hope it helps you! If you have questions, I'd be happy to help :).

  6. I think Parker is a fabulous name. You're a great friend. I can kind of empathize with you about sharing love and attention. I am not ready to share my love with another baby. Parker is my #1 man now and I love it being he and I. Maybe a day will come when I am ready to share, but not yet.

  7. I miss the every day blogs about you and the family. There should be more.

  8. I miss you! I seriously have no friends here so we don't go out and do a lot besides eat out. It'd be nice to go out with people our age and have an adult conversation with the kids screaming in the back ground... Can't wait to hear what name you picked out!!! Why is it that kids like to wear sunglasses upside down? Must be an unspoken rule, but its cute!


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