Sunday, September 25, 2011

37 weeks!!

Today marks 37 weeks pregnant with Mr. Reed! I cannot believe we are getting so close to meeting him! Here we are (a couple of days before 37 weeks) in all our glory!


Ava wanted her picture taken too!IMG_3512  IMG_3518

Friday my boss hosted a baby shower for me at work! It was at a local restaurant and several of my sweet co-workers came to shower Reed and me! It was a wonderful time and I’m SO thankful and blessed to work with people who truly care about one another. Everyone is just as excited as we are to meet Reed and have been so great and I’m grateful to work with such wonderful friends!

The YUMMY cake!IMG_0697

We got so many sweet things – our diaper bag, a bouncy seat, blankets, clothes, and other things we needed! I cannot wait to see my two babies together in these!IMG_0703 

Ava LOVED going through all of the goodies we received for Reed and was so excited to see them and put them away! She liked the toys and one gift she had to try out for herself was this adorable blanket!  IMG_0713IMG_0712

I went to the doctor on Thursday and have made some slight progression. I was thankful it wasn’t more as I still want to go just a bit longer. Besides swelling in my feet, I have really felt pretty great and am shocked I have felt this good this far. I’m very thankful. My doctor said that at my appointment this week, we can discuss an induction date if we so desire for sometime after 39 weeks. So, I guess we’ll see what report we get on Thursday and then make our decision before we leave his office. It’s crazy to think that we could be meeting this little boy in two weeks!!!!!!! Or sooner, I guess if he decides he’s ready! I’m so excited and also a little nervous. I know it will all be just fine but I’ve been feeling a lot overwhelmed and majorly underprepared. I feel better after this weekend and need to take care of just a few more things and then hopefully we’ll have all done that we need to! I’m amazed at how quickly this pregnancy has gone. We have a little quieter week this week and I’m looking forward to getting some rest after work! Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Wow!! So close;) I swear I just read you were pregnant!!

  2. Hearing how well your pregnancy has been going gives me hope for my second one. The first time, there was no child to take care of, and I could relax and sleep or whatever when I wanted to. This time, will be different with a toddler. Not pregnant yet, but we hope to be soon. I hope things continue to go smoothly for you! You're positively glowing!

  3. I read your blog, but don't comment too often but I wanted to say that-You are looking great, girl! I can't wait to see pictures of you with Reed. It won't be long now! :)

  4. You're sooooo close!! You and Miss Ava are absolutely beautiful! I love their shirts that your coworker gave to you - very adorable! I hope we have our babes on the same day ;)


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