Monday, September 12, 2011

Ava’s Ice Cream Birthday Party!

We celebrated Ava’s birthday early this weekend since next weekend we will be celebrating a marriage! I didn’t really want to put it off until the next weekend because I’ll be 37 weeks pregnant so we went early!

Seeing as how my energy is somewhat limited these days, I wanted a party where we wouldn’t really have to do much. Saturday we had a party for her at our local frozen yogurt shop for her friends! I found this invite on etsy (with info removed):

5x7 zebra Ava2 The shirt that never came was going to match this! It’s ok though… we had a great time even without the shirt!

Here she is right before we left with her balloons! IMG_3048IMG_3061IMG_3101 We weren’t even through the singing before she was blowing out the candles! She’s been waiting for her turn to blow out candles for SO long and was so excited!IMG_3103 

All the kiddos eating their ice cream!IMG_3107

And finally time for presents! She had fun seeing what she got!IMG_3130IMG_3143 After she finished opening, she was really concerned that her presents weren’t going to make it home with us, so she started loading the bags up on her arm to make sure they went home with us!IMG_3154 And here are all the kiddos that came! Looks like they just got done having a really great time, huh? ha! :)IMG_3160

She had a really fun time and we appreciate everyone who came to help her celebrate her 3rd birthday! Stay tuned – up next is the party we had with our family!


  1. aww looks like she had fun. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday to beautiful Ava!! You're getting sooo close...can't wait to see the handsome little fella.

  3. So cute! What a great party idea!! I want an ice cream b-day party ;-)! Hope you are hanging in there!!


  4. Aww what a sweet party! SO your kids birthdays will be very close, huh? That's so neat!

  5. So precious!!! Sad that we couldn't be there!:( Looks like she had fun!

  6. This is such a cute idea!! I love when they get older that you can just invite a few friends and that makes a great party!!

  7. super cute idea for the party location :) looks like miss ava had a blast :) xoxo


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