Monday, September 5, 2011

What happens when I don’t blog for 2 weeks!

Hi! Remember me? Yes, it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve blogged. Add together very busy and extremely tired and the last thing I’ve wanted to do was sit down and try to put together a cohesive post. I also didn’t feel like I had much to blog about but I think I’m about to be proven wrong on that! :) Hope ya can hang in there!

So, what’s been going on?

  • Ava is doing very well at her new school. Drop off is still a little sketchy some days but she is having a wonderful time and we can tell she is learning SO much. I love hearing her stories at the end of the day!
  • I turned 28! i had a FABULOUS birthday with lots of surprises. Zach emailed me all day with hints of what we were doing that night. We went to eat at our favorite hibachi grill and he invited my mom along to go with us. My parents got me this fab watch I’ve been wanting for a LONG time!  The band is clear and I love it!img-thing
  • My little cousin turned 3 on my birthday too so we had a party for her that weekend. I couldn’t find Ava at one point and when I went looking, found her patiently waiting for cake.IMG_0637
  • She enjoyed it very much!IMG_0638
  • After my birthday, I spent the weekend feeling pretty puny. I had some kind of sinus, cold, something or other going on and wasn’t sleeping well and it just wiped me out.
  • I have been getting ready for Ava’s birthday party which is next weekend because in two weekends (when her birthday is), we’ll be getting Leslie and Stephen hitched!
  • In other news, I ordered her the cutest shirt on Etsy for her party that matched her invitations and it was delivered here, and came out on my mail route, and the postal worker delivered it TO THE WRONG ADDRESS!!!!!!!!!!! It’s been scanned as delivered and no one has returned it and I’ve been praying and begging every day that it will show up. No, it’s not the end of the world, but I am disappointed. I’ve been in touch with the post office manager and she’s been as helpful as possible but no package. It’s been over a week now and we only have a few days left and I’m starting to lose hope. But, stranger things have happened so I’m just trying to keep the faith that it will show up. But, yeah, seriously? Can’t believe it.
  • We have also been super busy getting ready for our little boy’s arrival. We finally painted his nursery and everything is washed and put away! Just working on some wall stuff and then can share! Until then, here’s a small sneak peek: IMG_2570
  • Ava has been SO interested in Reed lately. She wants to see him, talk about him, help in every aspect of getting ready for him. She REALLY wanted to help her daddy paint…. but settled for helping him tape up.IMG_3021 IMG_3024
  • The final product turned out wonderful! I love the color and can’t wait to share some pictures with you!
  • This weekend also marked the first Razorback game of the season. We had a little watch party and enjoyed the game while the kids played. Here is my little Hog girl!IMG_3028
  • Someone else had to come outside with her too – guess this isn’t a bad idea – she should get used to someone being in a baby carrier!IMG_3026
  • And can I just boo-hoo for a minute over how stinking old she is looking? Can’t believe my baby is almost 3!!!!
  • Ok, and lastly, and maybe most importantly, I saw these caramel brownies on Pinterest and decided to make them for the game Saturday night. 160770934_gzwjUcB9_c oh. em. gee. They were SO good. Seriously. Huge hit. Can’t wait for an excuse to make them again! Here are mine. IMG_2537 Obviously not near as pretty but oh so so good!
  • Oh, and one more thing. SIX weeks until my due date. SIX!!!!! Cannot believe Reed will be here so soon!! eek!

So that was our last two weeks! Guess I shouldn’t wait that long to blog again! Thanks for hanging in there!


  1. What a busy time you've had! And no, not long to go now, there's nothing in 6 weeks anymore :)
    Those Brownies look delicious!!
    (Happy Birthday)

  2. Yay for being Miss Productivity!!! Um, if you find an excuse to make those brownies again... Invite me!! Lol!!!

    So excited for the next 6 wks to fly by so we can see Reed's sweet face!!!

  3. Yes, those brownies do look amazing!

  4. what a cute little girl :) I would totally be upset about the shirt too!! I hope it shows up for you!!


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