Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Luke’s 1st Birthday!

We spent our Memorial Day Weekend in St. Louis to celebrate our nephew’s first birthday! We headed up Friday afternoon. Ava rode up with my mom and sister so we had a pretty uneventful ride with just little man. He traveled SO well!

I did end up climbing in the back to sit by him and entertain him for a while. He was such a sweetheart! IMG_3279

I put Ava’s sunglasses on him – not sure he was amused!!! :) IMG_3280

When we got there, we checked into the hotel and then went over to my Greg and Kelsey’s house for dinner. My mom, brother, and sister were all there as well as many members of Kelsey’s family.

Saturday morning we had breakfast and attempted a picture of my parents with their three grandkids. Not easy. They are all at least looking in this photo!!!! I caught Reed with his new face. :)IMG_0463 We then headed out to go shopping for a bit. Ava drove a school bus. Pure happiness!IMG_3287  

For lunch, I got to meet up with sweet Jillian and E! I was so bummed to miss her earlier this year when she was here visiting so I was excited to have the chance to meet up! E was the cutest, best behaved little girl and I loved getting to chat with Jill!! Thank you so much again for taking the time to meet us!!!!

Ava and her sweet new friend!IMG_3297

That afternoon we headed back to Greg and Kelsey’s. Luke party wasn’t until later but the kids wanted to swim. We had hoped to swim at the hotel but they were filling the pool Friday night and it didn’t open until Monday, so plan B was to let Luke open one gift (a pool) a little early.IMG_0475 The kids all took naps and Ava woke up from hers a little earlier. She was dying to get in the pool but we waited a bit for Luke to wake up. Ava was SO patient and well behaved and I was SO proud of her for being such a big girl and so mature about having to wait.

IMG_0478  Reed and Aunt StephanieIMG_0482  IMG_3302

Reed catching a ride on their big dog!!!!IMG_3298

Finally getting to swim!!!! IMG_0485


Reed was not a fan – too cold for him! IMG_0484

Birthday boy finally woke up! IMG_0486

He wasn’t a fan either!!!!IMG_0488

Cute Snoopy birthday cake!!!!IMG_3307

This he was a fan of!!!IMG_3311

Sweet birthday boy!!!!IMG_3315

Ava testing out one of Luke’s presents!!  IMG_3312

Happy 1st birthday Luke! We love you little man!!! Glad we got to celebrate with you!!!!

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  1. Looks like you all had a blast! I totally get it...I always end up climbing in the backseat to entertain Maddie when we drive to Tulsa! Your cuties are as adorable as ever!



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