Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NICU Reunion

This past Saturday, the NICU where Reed stayed for his first 10 days hosted a reunion. It was a big party with food, drinks, games, and fun things for the kids to do.

More importantly, we got to see Reed’s doctor and many of the nurses who helped take care of him.

This doctor is responsible for the NICU in our city. Without it, Reed would have had to go to another city for treatment and as hard as it was having him in the hospital, we were SO thankful he got to stay here. I have NO doubt that the Lord healed him through the hands of this wonderful doctor.IMG_2987

This was one of several nurses who cared for him. She was the sweet nurse who let us take Reed to the nursery window so Ava could see him. He was a huge flirt with big smiles and everyone was in awe of his eyes!IMG_2985 We are SO SO thankful that after such a scary start, we have such a happy, healthy little boy!!

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The Edwards Family

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