Monday, May 7, 2012

SEVEN months old!

Another month gone? I can’t believe it! My sweet little boy will be a year old before I know it!!!! IMG_2893IMG_0380 

Reed, you are busy busy these days!

  • You now eat 3 meals of solid foods each day. You also eat about four 7 oz bottles. It seems to be a good eating schedule.
  • You had many rough nights this month. We are SO glad you are sleeping all night again. Your naps, however, are less than stellar.
  • You are about to outgrow your Size 2 diapers.
  • You have the worst little cough and nothing helps it go away. :( We’ve taken you to the doctor SEVERAL times and so far, no remedies have worked. It’s sad. (And since I started this post yesterday, we took you to the doctor again today – more on that at the bottom).
  • Still no teeth though it seems you have one that is going to pop through any day. You’ve been extra cranky the past couple of days.
  • You are playing with toys a lot more! you LOVE Ava’s Little People toys, especially the dollhouse!
  • You are starting to push up on all fours in preparation for crying! I’m not ready for this!
  • You don’t like to be rocked to sleep anymore. You prefer just being laid down in your bed at nighttime. You pretty much go right to sleep.
  • You are a little ladies’ man! I know of at least two girlfriends you have at school – and they are both MUCH older than you!
  • You reach out for us every time we walk past you and it is so sweet! I love it!IMG_0352-2

Sadly, we had to take you back to the doctor today. You just can’t seem to kick the congestion and coughing. We were hoping the allergy meds would help, but you are worse this week than ever! Dr. Fred says you have bronchitis. Poor baby.

We were also told that if the meds don’t clear this up once and for all, we will most likely need to be referred to a pediatric pulmonary specialist in NWA. Please join us in praying for our sweet boy to get better. We asked if this had any correlation to his lung issues and pneumonia from birth and while he said that he can’t say no with 100% certainty, he does feel strongly this is unrelated. We just want Reed better. You can see in his pictures that he has dark circles under his eyes and just doesn’t look like he feels well.

The past seven months have flown by. We are SO blessed by this little boy! Thank you, Jesus, for entrusting him to us!!!! Love you, little buddy!

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