Monday, June 25, 2012

Commenting challenge welcome & Water Babies!

Hi friends! So glad you are stopping by from Jenna’s Commenting Challenge. This is my 3rd year to participate and I love meeting new blog friends through this! I look forward to reading about you and your lives too!
So then, I’m Sarah! I’m 28 (soon to be 29 – yikes!) and live in Arkansas. I married my husband, Zach in November 2006! We are so blessed to the parents of Ava, 3 ½, and Reed, 8 months.
I’m an Arkansas girl, born and raised! I went to college at the University of Arkansas and I have an undergraduate degree in Accounting. I also have an MBA. I work full time outside the home as an accountant at a local utility company. Our kids go to school at our church and they love it there. My husband teaches band at a local junior high. While I wish I had the opportunity to stay home with my kids, we are so fortunate to have the jobs we do, especially with the economy in its current state!
SO that’s it… we’re just your ordinary family doing everyday life. Thanks for stopping by!!! :)

Whew! We have been busy this summer! This was the second weekend out of five that we have been home! We’ve visited Zach’s family and we also went to see my dad. The thing Ava has most looked forward to about our trips is fun water play.

Zach’s parents have a splash pad very close to their house and Ava and Reed both enjoyed it!
When we went to see my dad, I considered taking Ava to one of the BIG water parks in OKC. However, we looked online and decided it might be better to wait until she’s a little older. However, just a couple minutes away, was a little city water park and we took the kids and they had SO much fun!

Reed wasn’t so sure about his hatIMG_3764
SOOOO excited!
  IMG_3767 IMG_3782 IMG_3789  
IMG_3788IMG_3792 IMG_3793

I think it’s safe to say we have two babes who LOVE the water!


  1. Stopping by from Jenna's Journey commenting challenge to say Hello! i'm a 'Sarah' too and also have two children who love then some splash pad action!!

  2. Hello over from Jenna's journey. Your kids are so cute. Your little guy looks HUGE! My youngest is almost 10months and your little munchkin looks bigger

  3. Stopping by from Jenna's! They look like they are having soooo much fun! I used to live in NWA and I miss the water was a great place to take my cousins for fun!.

  4. Hi Sarah, I'm stopping by from Jenna's. What an adorable family you have. Blessings, Dani

  5. Found you via Jenna's Journey---looks like you have two little ones two:) Looking forward to reading more!


  6. Here from Jenna's. Your little ones are so cute. I have two kiddos as well, mine are both boys (3 and 1). My boys love the water too!

  7. Stopping by from Jenna's Journey. I live in NWA and have a degree in accounting as well:)

  8. Stopping by from the commenting challenge. I am jealous of all your water pictures! Our weather (in the pacific northwest) has been crazy this year and doesn't stay warm for very long :(

  9. Hi Sarah, I am stopping by via Jenna's challenge. This is my first year joining her challenge. I am hoping to meet some great peeps. Your child are beautiful, I love the pics of them at the water park. My blog is Karen's Korner on Jenna's list.

  10. Visiting from Jenna's! I had to comment b/c of what adorable babies you have!!

  11. Over from Jenna's! Your babies are sooo cute!!!! I wish we had a splash pad around here!!! (in MD)!

  12. Hey girl!! I love your blog!! You've got super cute kiddos, and I love Ava's bathing suit!

  13. Hi! I'm coming from the commenting challenge. I would be right there in the water myself! :) These are great pictures. :)

  14. I can't believe how big Reed has gotten! Seems like yesterday he was just a baby! Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  15. These picture are too cute! Stopping by from the challenge! So glad to be following along!


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