Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Little Gymnast!!!!!

Last week we met up with Ava’s friend Samir to try out a gymnastics class. She LOVED it! She liked putting on a show! She was SO excited to go! IMG_3568  
She learned so many things the first night – forward roll, spider walk, spider kick, swinging from bars, handstands, walking on the balance beam. IMG_3575 IMG_3576IMG_3580 IMG_3581
She had her second class tonight and she loved it just as much. I’m glad to have her enrolled in a class and learning something new. She is so proud of herself doing these things!
More beam work  IMG_3728
Working on her forward roll     IMG_3734
I’m excited to see all she is going to learn! Oh, and Mr. Reed wants to do gymnastics too!IMG_3745

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