Thursday, June 7, 2012

EIGHT months old!

Reed! How are you eight months old?? You are two thirds of the way to one year old and I am so amazed at how fast the time is going. This past month was a HUGE one for you as you started doing SO many things!IMG_0529.2.jpgIMG_3616
  • You are rocking on all fours and can scoot all over a room. You move your legs a couple of strides and would be crawling if you kept going, but after those couple of movements you just wiggle your body to get where you want.
  • You pulled up! You were standing a little if we stood you up, but a couple of days ago, you pulled up all by yourself and have been doing it ever since.IMG_3479
  • You got your first two teeth! Your bottom left tooth popped through this past weekend and the bottom right popped through Tuesday!
  • You are eating three meals a day: Cereal and fruit in the morning, veggies, fruit and meat for lunch and dinner. You are also eating some table food that is soft and you love the real thing!IMG_3442
  • You drink four 7 oz bottles a day.
  • You are talking up a storm. You say what sounds like “da-da” a lot.IMG_0539
  • You LOVE Ava. You get so excited when you see her.
  • When you get excited, you do a whole body shake. You kick your legs and arms and it’s so cute.
  • You can sit yourself up on your own now.
  • You took your first long trip and stayed in a hotel when we visited St. Louis for your cousin Luke’s birthday!
  • You love going outside and get so excited when we walk close to the door to go out!
  • You like to peek out of your crib to see if you can find someone who will come to rescue you! IMG_0512
  • Two weeks ago we took you to the doctor and you weighed 20 pounds 15 ounces.
  • We are finish up a pack of size 2 diapers and then you’ll be in size 3.
  • I skipped buying too many 9 month clothes so you are primarily in 12 month clothes. You’re a healthy boy!
  • So many people comment on your beautiful eyes! They are gorgeous!IMG_3561
  • You are a GREAT sleeper. We lay you down in bed and you play for a bit and then go to sleep! We are grateful you sleep so well after your sister who still doesn’t like to sleep!
  • You have the funniest laugh right now. I hope to catch it on video soon. Everyone loves it!
  • You are a little flirt and send smiles to everyone! IMG_3615
We love you big boy! You are such a joy in our lives and we are so incredibly thankful you are our son!!!!


  1. Wowza Sarah!
    8 months!!:-) crazy! He is so so cute!!! Ahhh!

  2. That last picture is frame-worthy! Love my adorable nephew and his sweet little cheeks!!


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