Friday, June 29, 2012

These are my confessions!

It’s Friday. I’m glad. And I’m going to link up for Confessional Friday. Confessional Logo (1) (1)
1. I confess that this is my first time linking up for Confessional Friday hosted by Leslie at A Blonde Ambition.
2. I confess that this heat has me a little cranky. 100+ degrees several days in a row? ICK. The only positive is that I’m not pregnant this summer like I was last summer in this nastiness.
3. I confess I want to be a lazy bum all weekend. Work and home life have been busy and I want to spend my weekend doing nothing… unfortunately..
4. I confess that when I have the time to be lazy, I feel guilty and end up doing something like cleaning or organizing. Yes, I know I’m weird.
5. I confess that I have never been as big a mess in my entire life as I am right now. I have never been so disorganized, flying by the seat of my pants, out of control. And truthfully? I’m not sure I care!
6. I confess that I did something really dumb at work last week. We are testing something and I needed to send my boss a link to install a program so she could use it over the weekend. We came in Monday morning and it didn’t work… lo and behold, I sent her a link for the same thing from JULY 2011!!!!! doh!
7. I confess that I’m a much more relaxed parent with Reed than I was with Ava. Oh, Reed is holding a pair of scissors? No biggie. (but to protect my name, I do promise he has never held scissors.)
8. I confess that I giggled like crazy when I texted Leslie something yesterday and got a text from her not even 5 seconds later about THE.SAME.THING! We’re mind readers.
9. I confess that I’m glad our county has banned the shooting of fireworks b/c it is so dry. Zach will tell you that I get to be a bit cranky when people shoot them off late when I have to go to work the next day or after our kids have gone to sleep! Grrr! Glad we shouldn’t have to deal with that this year.
10. I confess that confessing is a lot of fun.
11. I confess that this baby boy is growing waaaaaay too quickly for my liking. IMG_3994 
12. I confess that I won a blog makeover on Twitter! I’m so excited for an update!
13. I confess I need a new blog name. Reed has been here almost 9 months. Time for a change, no?
14. I confess that I had some jucier confessions. Maybe next week!
15. Last confession: I confess I’m giving away a $30 Pampered Chef gift certificate in the post below. check it out!
Happy Friday!!!


  1. I confess I am a bit bummed about the fireworks ban. Now, I don't have babies for it to keep up at I enjoy sitting outside and watching other's put on a free show for me! And I LOVE playing with sparklers. We have a big batch of leftover fireworks from last summer when they were on sale...and I guess they will have to wait to be used!

  2. Girl, embrace the lazy day! I know it's hard to do, especially with kids, but it sounds like you need at least a lazy afternoon. Popping in from Confessional Friday.

  3. I do the same thing on days that I'm lazy. I feel extremely guilty and just HAVE to clean something. I'm glad someone else thinks this way too!

  4. I laughed so hard about our simultaneous texting yesterday. We ARE mind readers! Thanks for linking up, sistah - love you!

  5. hopping over from Jenna's commenting challenge. This heat has me all frazzled too... it's the worst!


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