Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A little girl rite of passage

Ava got to do something very exciting on Saturday – she got her ears pierced!!!! We had attempted to do them over Spring Break, but we’d walked in the store and right back out.

This time she had talked about wanting to do it, and I told her we could maybe do it while we were in OKC. She wanted my sister to go with her, so we asked her to come along. The day we went, Ava was very excited. We pulled up the website to see what kind of earrings she could pick. She was all smiles on the way there!


She had her heart set on some peace sign earrings, but I thought those might be hard to keep her ears clean with, so we convinced her to get something else. My sister told her if she got a different pair and was brave, she’d buy her the peace sign earrings for when she could change them!

When we got there, she climbed right up in the chair and picked out the earrings she wanted!IMG_7886 

The lady working there told us she was all by herself so they wouldn’t be able to do the ears at the same time, like we’d hoped. But, she talked to Ava and told her it would be over really quick, but that she’d have to go through with the 2nd ear if she did the first. I was a little concerned, but she really did great.IMG_7893IMG_7891

They did the first one and she didn’t cry but her face shriveled up and she was fighting those tears hard! I was so proud of her. I was worried she may not want the 2nd one, but she didn’t say anything. However, when it was time to do the 2nd ear, she scrunched up her face so she wouldn’t cry!!!      IMG_7976        

When the lady held up the mirror for her to see after she was done, she was ALL SMILES!IMG_7978

Such a proud and excited girl!!! She did so well and is so excited for her new earrings!IMG_7979IMG_7982IMG_7894

She couldn’t wait to get to school on Monday morning to show her friends her ears!!!IMG_7959

One of my favorite parts of being a parent is getting to experience excitement through my kids! I love when something makes them SO happy and proud!!!! I was so very proud of how brave Ava was!

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  1. Oh Momma, what a special time for you!!!! I am a big fan of waiting and letting your daughter pick the time to do it! What a great memory she will have...and you will too! I can't wait for Luci to get brave enough!


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