Thursday, May 29, 2014

We’ve been busy!

We’ve been busy since I last wrote! With the school year coming to a close, we’ve had lots of end of the year things!

On Friday, Ava’s school went on a field trip to a gym for field day. Ava was SO excited to get to ride on a big yellow school bus!IMG_8057

Saturday morning we met Ava’s first little friend and we had fun at a local farm and picked strawberries! IMG_8075 IMG_8078     IMG_8085 IMG_8086 IMG_8087IMG_8089 IMG_8095 IMG_8100

After that, we headed to NWA to get this beauty!!!!   IMG_8150

I’m officially a minivan mama! And I never would’ve thought I’d be so excited to drive one, but oh, I am!!! i LOVE it. The kids love it, too! I had my old car for seven years and it is incredible how much they’ve changed since then. I don’t even have a key to turn it on – it turns on with a button!!! The kids and I are having fun driving around in it!

Sunday after we got home from church, we did a massive garage clean out. We wanted to park both vehicles in there and needed to get some stuff off the floor to make it easier to walk around. We got some shelves and got it arranged to fit both the van and the truck in there. I’ve been wanting the garage cleaned out for a while so I told Zach my ploy to get it cleaned worked! ;)

Sunday afternoon, we went to Sam’s to look for the shelves we wanted. The kids had been so good on both Saturday and Sunday and we promised them an icee. They were excited!IMG_8146

They had food out and Reed went to town. Sometimes he eats his best meals at Sam’s. ha!IMG_8149

We didn’t actually do a whole lot on Memorial Day. It was nice to have an extra day around the house! I tried to get a picture of the kiddos and they were so not amused!IMG_8168

This week was the last week of school. Ava is looking so grown up – I cannot believe she is going to start kindergarten in the fall!IMG_8182

She wanted to write her teacher a note and this is what she wrote.   IMG_8189

We’ve been so blessed by her teacher this year. While we have another amazing teacher coming for kindergarten, we’re all a little sad to be leaving this one behind!IMG_8200 

She gave her kids these sweet little summer gift with the cutest little poem!IMG_8203IMG_8201

So, I guess with that, let’s bring on summer break!!!

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