Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Have you ever had one of those days?

Most mornings, Zach helps me get most of the stuff done in the morning. By the time he leaves, I usually only have a few things left, including doing the kids’ hair, packing my lunch, and loading the car.

Last week one morning, Zach left, and things were going very smoothly. I had my lunch packed, my stuff ready to go and headed out to go put my stuff in the car. A lot of mornings, the kids like to go and play in the garage and ride their bikes until we leave. This particular morning, they were out there. I walked out to put my bags in the car, and noticed Reed standing funny.

I IMMEDIATELY knew that the way he was standing meant he was pooping. In his underwear. I dropped my stuff and grabbed him to take him into the bathroom. At this point, I set my keys down. I put him on the toilet, cleaned up the mess and told him to sit there and finish. I washed my hands and while he was standing there, got the rest of our stuff to take it out to the car. When I was getting ready to head back in, I saw Reed, standing pantless in the door of the garage, saying he was done. I took him back to the bathroom where he’d managed to get poop on the toilet seat. I got that and him cleaned again, washed my hands and got his pants on. I took him and Ava out and put them in the car and then had to hunt for my keys.

As I was looking for my keys, I went into the kids’ bathroom, where I discovered that while I’d washed my hands, I’d somehow gotten toothpaste on my pants!!! I looked down and noticed that Ava had smeared toothpaste all over the front of the counter! So I had to go to my closet and change pants.

At this point, I was getting slightly frustrated. After changing pants, I finally found my car keys. I headed out and as I was backing out of the garage, Ava yelled “OH NO!” I looked in the mirror and her hand was on her head. Her hair rubber band had just spontaneously popped and broke. I’d spent like 5 minutes fixing her hair that morning so it’d be super cute for her field trip. At this point, I was about to lose it. I pulled back in, parked the car, went back into the house to get her brush and a new rubber band. I think I also may have walked in and yelled at God “Are you kidding me?!” This was like 10 minutes after I’d first started getting my stuff out to the car. I went back out, pulled Ava’s hair back into a pony tail. Then we started to pull out again.

As I was sitting in the driveway waiting for the garage door to close, I got a text. It was from Zach and it said “Poor Ava. She was so excited.” At that time a 2nd text came in that Ava’s field trip was cancelled because the performer had laryngitis. Doh! She’d come in our room at like 5:15 saying “It’s Stephen Fite day!!!!!” She had been waiting for DAYS! When I told her they weren’t going, she was SO bummed. She cried the better part of the way to school. IMG_7514 

When we got to school, her teacher explained to her why they weren’t going. She was still pretty sad.IMG_7515 

She was able to turn her frown around pretty quickly.IMG_7516

So yeah. That was a fun morning. It was one that while I was living it I was pretty much cursing the day. I mean, really, that was a lot of stuff to happen in less than a 15 minute span. Thankfully the rest of my day got much better! This was just one of those days that I needed to have written down so I could look back one day and remember what mornings were like with two kids! And lucky for Ava, her field trip was rescheduled for today! :)

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