Monday, June 9, 2014

Life is never dull

Life is never dull around here. That would be an understatement for sure! It is exciting around here, mostly due to the wild little man.

Last weekend we made Reed’s bed into a toddler bed. I was sitting in the living room one evening and heard a muffled “Mama?" Daddy?" MAMA!!!!” I got in there and found this.IMG_8384

One morning Zach asked Ava to start cleaning up in Reed’s room while he got a shower. When he got out of the shower, this is what he found. IMG_8387

During summer she likes to stay up late and she still gets up early, so she must’ve been a little tired to take a morning nap!

Tuesday the kids and i both got hair cuts. I wanted to get a picture of Reed with his cut because it makes him look so much older. Well, I combed it in a way he didn’t like so he was NOT into having me take his picture. IMG_8403 

Ava looked pretty grown up with her haircut, too! IMG_8418

At work last week, a friend came in with these personalized bottles of Coke she’d found. She’d grabbed them for those of us she could find the names of. (I realize that is a very poorly worded sentence) I LOVE IT! IMG_8469

Friday evening, Reed found out we had a new Mickey mouse for him to watch and he was quite pleased!!!! IMG_8471

Saturday morning we went to a really fun pirate birthday party! There were so many neat little activities and it was just so cute. The kids had a great time! IMG_8476IMG_8479

I’m not sure there is a kid who loves a cupcake more than Ava Edwards!  IMG_8482

Later that afternoon, she lost her 2nd tooth. She and Reed were playing and it just fell out!  IMG_8494

We woke up early to go to church on Sunday and it was about to start raining. When we got there, the rain had started and continued for a good portion of the day. Ava asked if she could go outside and play in the rain. There was no lightning so I told her to go ahead. She had fun!!! IMG_8532

Maybe we should all take a little time to play in the rain! :)

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