Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend happenings

Well. Our weekend didn’t quite go as planned. They never do, do they?

Since we planned to head to NWA Friday afternoon, Zach and the kids took me to work. On the way, Ava was acting unusually quiet. I asked her what was wrong and she said she was just tired. She and Zach went about their morning and he called me around 11:00 a.m. and said she’d been asleep most of the morning. I asked if she was sick or running fever. He called me back and said she had a fever of 101.3. So that pretty much cancelled our plans. We were all bummed. I went ahead and cancelled my afternoon off from work. I hated to use a precious vacation day to just sit at home with a sick kid when there was already a capable parent there.

She didn’t feel good most of the weekend. She ran fever through about mid-day Saturday, it went away and then came back Saturday night. She woke up fever free Sunday and thankfully it never came back. She was so sad though – our Friday plans were cancelled and she wasn’t able to go to the birthday party for our cousins Saturday night. :(

Reed did get to go the party and he had a great time swimming! IMG_8679

There was a piñata and while they were looking for a stick to use, Reed got impatient so he just picked a stick up off the ground and went to town with it. It was pretty funny!IMG_8690  

This kid loves to hit piñatas!IMG_8699

Sunday morning Ava thankfully woke up feeling better. We got ready for church and were actually ready early so we got to give Zach his gifts!IMG_8713 

After church we went out to breakfast and then headed home. It was a rainy morning and so dark in the house. I laid down and took a quick nap (Reed’s sleeping has been awful lately and when he wakes me up, I sometimes have a hard time getting back to sleep). The kids both took really great naps in the afternoon which has not been the case on weekends lately.

We don’t have much going on this week other than swimming lessons. Reed and Ava are both doing them this summer and I’m curious as to how they will go. Guess we’ll see!

One last thing: My Jamberry Launch Party starts today on Facebook! It will contain A LOT of information about the product and tips and games, and so much more. If you are interested, please leave me a comment and I can get you added. Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you leave a comment with a question about Jamberry, please make sure your email address is linked to your account, or leave me your email address so I can make sure I have a way to reach you!!!

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