Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Confessions


I’m spilling my confessions this week! Let’s dish.CF logo

  • I confess that I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited that Razorback football starts tomorrow. This is going to be a good year for us… I hope. Woo pig!
  • I confess that I’m so amazed at how kind people are. The Jamberry Party for Leslie has already made over $100 for me go use to purchase gift cards for meals for Stephen and the girls! There’s still time to shop if you’d like to help!
  • I confess these three give me a run for my money, but they are so cute and make my heart burst with love. IMG_4172
  • I confess that last weekend Reed said something in front of a classmate’s parent that embarrassed me beyond belief. The boy’s mom asked me about coming to her son’s birthday party and I said to Reed, “Do you want to go to Birthday Boy’s party at Chuck E. Cheese?” He replied, “Only if I don’t have to play with Birthday Boy. He’s bad to me.” Open me up and swallow me now, Earth.
  • I confess that Grant’s cheeks swallow him whole, but that it melts me into a puddle when he smiles like this because he’s happy to see me!IMG_4220
  • I confess that Grant reminds me of a baby doll. Haha.IMG_4252
  • I confess that last night while Zach was gone to a game I was exercising. Grant woke up and was hungry and I needed about 10 minutes to finish so Ava offered to hold him. I later found three selfies of the three of them on my phone and I confess it made me giggle like crazy!IMG_4260
  • I confess that I am soooooooooooooooooo glad we have a three day weekend. I’m looking forward to spending extra time with my family, sleeping a little more, and watching some college football.
  • I confess that last night the kids went to bed before Zach got home from his game and I had about an hour and a half of peace and quiet and it was PURE BLISS.

Have a fantastic weekend, friends!


  1. He selfie is hilarious!!! I need to see if my daughter would like some jamberry nail stuff. She's all over painting her nails so I'm not sure but I'll ask to support your endeavor! Big hugs to you for doing this fundraiser. Great idea.

  2. Oh and Happy Three Day Weekend! It's my first paid holiday in a few years so I'm stoked!! :0)

  3. My son did something similar last week when we ran into a neighbor at walmart - I asked if they wanted to have a play date at our house and my son said "no, i'll play by myself" right in front of the girl and her mom..... I was so embarrassed!

  4. Reed, don't embarrass your mom like that!! :) Have a great long weekend!

  5. Sounds like even with such a busy life you seem to manage it all!!! And still find time for yourself which is important. Enjoy the long weekend!! I'm excited for football as well!

  6. I've always thought Grant looks like you, but he looks SO much like Zach in that top picture!!

  7. Have to love your son's honesty- haha!


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