Monday, May 25, 2009

Cute pictures from the past week

I have definitely enjoyed having an extra day off this weekend!! Yesterday we went to visit Zach's side of the family for the day. We were lucky to not travel in any rain until about the last 40 minutes. We worked around the house some today and got the garage cleaned out and our cars washed! We're going to go have dinner at my parents' house shortly. I haven't had a whole lot of free time lately so I have some pictures from the week to catch up on posting. So here goes..

We sat outside a couple of evenings this week because the weather has been beautiful! We got some sweet pictures of Ava one of the nights:

When Ava was on this blanket, she was concerned with the grass. She was scared of it. She would put her hand on it and pull it back really quickly. At one point she crawled off of it and would get her booty up in the air because she didn't want her knees to touch it. Funny stuff!

We like to read books at night (well mostly Ava likes to open and close them but we do get some reading in). She decided she wanted to pick the story for one night.

Her newest talent, standing up, seems to be even more exciting to do while in the bath tub. She is sooo excited when she does this. Unfortunately for her, mommy doesn't share the same enthusiasm!

Isn't that grin sweet? Now that she can move, she loves to crawl into our bathroom and sit outside the shower while someone is in it. Usually if she can't see one of us, she'll go back to where the other one is. Yesterday morning while Zach was showering, she sat there the entire time and when he would open the door to peek-a-boo with her her, she'd laugh so hard. I think the little quirks little kids have are so precious!

Another work week starts tomorrow. Ava doesn't have daycare though because they have an odd schedule. They basically are open only during the school year and then have Mother's Day Out two days a week during the summer. This works for us since Zach teaches, but Ava's last regular day was Friday and Zach isn't out until next week. My sister will watch her this week because thankfully she doesn't have to take her finals so she doesn't have to go to school. I'm sure Ava will be very excited to go to MDO (or actually Daddy's Day Out in our case) and see her friends in two weeks. While I know the two of them will have fun this summer, it's a hard time for me. I wish more than anything I got to be out and stay home with them. However, I did laugh today and told Zach he'd be working just as hard because this girl is a handful these days! :)


  1. Wow! She is changing so much these days...she looks like a whole new girl!! Her little face shape and cheeks are so adorable...I jsut want to squeeze her!

    That's funny about the grass. Kate did the same thing....pulled her feet up and fussed like it was going to "get" her or something. It makes you wonder if babies know something we don't....hmm.

    Sounds like you guys had a great weekend!!!

  2. Zach will be working harder than ever this summer!!

  3. if you ever get tired of ava, just go ahead and send her to our house. :) she could NOT be any more precious! and tell zach ... i'm way jealous. i don't get out of school until JUNE DADGUM 11th! it's criminal!


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