Sunday, May 3, 2009

So much to do, so little time..

Why, oh why, do the weekends always go too quickly? It's been a busy week for us. Zach and I had various things during the evenings this past week and we weren't home on the same nights. Friday we were together and got to have dinner with our friends.

Miss Ava has had a good week. She's so close to crawling - in fact, she can do it, but she doesn't seem to understand that if she would just keep going, she'd be a mover. She moves, then sits down, then moves, then sits down, etc, etc.. She's on the brink though. She's always trying desperate to pull up on things... anything in fact.

We try to stop this because obviously things like toys aren't stable, but she doesn't seem to care..

And doesn't this look like a happy girl?

Last night we got a baby-sitter and headed out - unfortunately we headed to separate events. We both went to NWA. Zach went to a bachelor party for my brother while I hosted a personal shower/bachelorette party for my friend Sandy. Sandy is getting married next weekend and Zach and I are both in the wedding. We both had fun and it was nice to be baby free for a night. Hopefully next time we'll get to spend the time together!

Sandy and her cute cookie cake

Natalie and I while waiting for the table at the restaurant before the rest of the group arrived

This morning we got up and headed to church. I'm thankful that it wasn't pouring down rain. We've spent a quiet afternoon at home napping, making desserts for Teachers' Appreciation week at Ava's school, and just general house stuff. We have another super busy week ahead of us, including some big events for Zach as well as Sandy and Adam's wedding.

I'm going to end with a few pics of Little Miss before church this morning..

"Okay, Mom, I'm done with pictures - see ya later!"


  1. ADORABLE pictures! Love the grumpy faces and the church outfit pictures are precious.

    By the way, I don't know if I mentioned it, but I just adore your blog template/layout! So cute and pretty.

  2. Love all the pictures Sarah!! Cna't believe how big she's getting. When I started reading your blog she was just a tiny baby...and now she's fun!!! Sounds like you guys are super busy these seems like the Spring/Summer seasons are always so full of coming and going.

    Hope you guys have a great week!!

  3. thanks for the sweet comments. just wanted to let you know that my mom picked that dress up at target not too long ago so it is probably still there. hope you're having a good week!!!

  4. We have that learning table for our Ava, too! She loves it. She doesn't crawl yet, just sits and kicks her legs. She's much more interested in walking, it seems. I've read that some babies skip crawling and walk, so maybe she's one of them.

    Ava looked so cute in her outfit! And baby-free? What's life like on the outside?! :)

  5. hey girl, send me your email again! i am going private for a while.

  6. She is an Angel!


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