Monday, April 27, 2009


Yesterday afternoon, Miss Caroline came over to play! Ava was SO excited when they got here. For a little while the girlies sat and stared at each and talked a little.

Isn't it cute the way their feet are touching in these pics??

One of the cool things about going to a friend's house is that your friend usually has toys that you don't!!! The girls were excited to play with something new to them!

Caroline had some toys from Ava's purse...

... and Ava played with some toys from Caroline's bag, including her hat!!

The girls seemed to enjoy themselves. We hope you'll come to play again, Caroline! And the other great thing about it - after it was over, Ava crashed for a two and a half hour nap! That is a rare thing in this house!!


  1. thanks for the baby registry suggestions! I appreciate them soooo soo much!! What a precious little family and lil ava you have! Ava was one of my choices too for a girl name! Soo sweet:) Thanks for stopping by my blog:) U for new blog friends:)

  2. I can't wait til my Ava can sport bows in her hair! She used to be able to, but it's gotten so much thinner as she's gotten older.

    Your Ava is adorable!


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