Thursday, April 2, 2009


Below are my favorite pictures from our recent session with Jon and Emily. They got some amazing shots of Ava and we were thrilled.

And last, my absolute favorite!!

My heart seriously melts whenever I see this picture!!

And for some Thursday randomness: my morning was a little interesting. About 8:30, we heard a pop and then all of a sudden the office went dark. Our computers stayed on because they are on a power supply for reasons just like this. Out in the main area, a few lights that were on this same supply were on, but the rest of the place was in the dark! My office area is in a back corner, and we only have a few windows in here, so it was hard to see. Apparently a car hit a power pole close to us and knocked out the power. After about 30 minutes, they got our lights hooked up to a generator and by mid-morning, the power was completely back on. Gotta love the fun times at work!

Oh, and in other exciting news - our state finally got with the game and passed a tax-free shopping day for back to school clothes shopping! I'm not sure of all the items that will be covered, but I know last year when we went to Tulsa to shop during their tax-free weekend, it included diapers!!!! Gotta love that, Moms, especially if you buy the big boxes!!!


  1. I just want to pinch her fat little cheeks! She is such a doll! Great pics.


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