Sunday, April 5, 2009

Your Advice, Please!

Ok, moms, I need some help. We are currently in the market for a new big girl car seat for Ava. I'm having a really hard time figuring out which one to buy, so I wanted to ask what kind you have for your children? I'd really like a convertible one so that we don't have to buy another one, but I want one that can be rear facing for now, and then can be turned around. I also want one where the harness fits the child for a bigger weight. In some reviews I've read, some car seat harnesses don't fit a child past 40lbs, but they aren't ready for a booster at this size. I might not be able to get all these things, so please share why you like yours. Also, did you buy one for each parent's car? Zach and I both drive Ava so it really makes sense for us to have one in each car. Any advice you have is greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!!


  1. We just bought one for our 9 wk old. She will not fit into her infant seat much longer..(she's a good size little one :) )
    We got this one, I liked the fact it reclined.. lasted longer for weight.. and was adjustable with side knobs
    (I just discovered your blog..)

  2. Kate has the Marathon by Britax. They are rated VERY high (if not highest) in safety and Kate loves the comfort of hers. They're pricey but worth it. She also had the Britax infant carrier when she was a babe. You can get them at Target or at Blessed Baby in Fort Smith. Good luck in your search and I hope that helps!!

  3. We have the Evenflo Triumph Deluxe car seat for Charlotte and love it. We initially had the Britx Marathon that everyone has, and we really didn't like it. It seemed like she was outgrowing it even at 18 months. The Evenflo one is much more comfortable and easy to use for Charlotte. She sleeps in this one, where she was never quite comfortable enough in the other one. HEre is the link to the one we have. I am just getting ready to buy 2 more for the twins.

  4. We had the Marathon Britax until just recently. Great carseat, great ratings, a bit pricey. When it got time to change (D-Man is 3 1/2 and really tall for his age), I was going to purchase another Britax (the Frontier I believe) b/c it harnessed him to 65+ pounds. But it was $300 and I needed one for husband and I. So, I found that the Graco Nautilus got great ratings as well and harnesses him until 65 pounds and was only $144 on amazon w/ free shipping. Hope this helps!


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