Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little Chatterbox

As evidenced by pictures, it's pretty clear Ava looks like her daddy (minus her eyes, which she got from me.) However, she has another characterstic from her mommy - she loves to talk (much to Daddy's chagrin)!!! He was hoping she'd be a quiet little girl!


  1. Hi Sarah. I was talking to Zach today about your little Miss Ava. She is so precious!! I love love love the Easter dress and bows. Enjoy it while you can....before you know it she'll be 5 and you'll already be arguing about clothes!!!(believe me--it happens)
    Anyway, I enjoy keeping up with you guys via blogging, and I love the new blog look!

  2. Seriously...when ARE we gonna get those girls in a room together that is not church! :) They would have SOOO much to talk about!

  3. Ava is just the cutest little thing ever! And I can totally see both of you in her.

  4. haha...we loved the video. i actually got a video of kate watching ava talk and i'll post it if it isn't too long. she was cracking up at ava...too cute!!


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