Friday, May 15, 2009

So glad it's Friday!

Ahhhhhhh... I'm SO glad it's the weekend. I love Fridays when I have the whole weekend ahead of me! We have a busy day tomorrow. My future SIL is graduating from med school so we are going to her graduation. And after that one of my best friends is getting married!!! I'm so excited for her and can't wait to watch her get married! It will be a LONG day and I hope Ava handles it ok. We have to travel about 2 and a half hours each way and there will be lots of time sitting. I'm sure she'll be a trooper though!

Today was the first really pretty day in a while, so Zach headed out to the golf course tonight. Ava and I headed to the grocery store and got groceries. She was so well behaved and just spent the time looking around. She loves taking in new things. We picked up some 'Nilla Wafers for her to try and she got one when we got home. I think it was a success!

I finished the Grey's Anatomy finale tonight and I must say I was shocked!!! My goodness! I was not expecting that ending. I guess that's good tv though. That's about all I have for tonight.

Happy weekend to you all!


  1. 1. the strawberry outfit is fab.

    2. i need to go to the store sooooo bad.

    3. stick to the nilla wafers. the kids LOVE those biter biscuits, but the mess they make was almost enough to drive me to a padded room.

    4. grey's was SOOOOO sad! when george traced 007 into meredith's palm, i LOST it. i'm convinced he's toast, but not sure about izzy. i was such a basket case when i finished it that i woke sophie up from a dead sleep to snuggle in the big bed with me.

    hope you guys have lots and lots of fun tomorrow!!!!

  2. Okay, Darren is going to be thrilled with the idea that it's okay for a 9-month-old to have Nila Wafers...they are one of his favorites...especially when they are sitting on top of banana pudding! :)

    I was also "affected" by the ending of Grey's, sad but not really sure what to think. Hmmm....

    And on a different note, forward motion is definitely happening on the floor here, but it's not necessarily on the knees. She can get up on her knees, but then she usually just wiggles forward toward whatever she wants. It's quite entertaining! :)

  3. She is so cute and has the most beautiful eyes.

  4. soooo... I am thinking ladybugs maybe... i dunno..... hoping the party store will either have ladybugs or something else cute to give me some inspiration.

  5. oh my goodness. avas dress is soo stinking adorable! I too bawled my eyes out watching greys! such a heart breaker.. i think george is gone for sure but not sure about izzy.. would they really kill them both off! ugh!


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