Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let the fun begin!

The crawling has opened a whole new world for Miss Ava. She has been so busy this week mastering her new skill and enjoying the freedom that it has brought her. Over the weekend, she figured out that she could actually crawl to get to something she wanted. We can watch her face and it's so cute when she eyes something, sits and looks at it for a minute, and then takes off after it. She has spent much time crawling all over the house and exploring her new territory. She is so curious and although we have to keep an eye on her constantly, it's fun to watch her as she discovers new things.

Peeking around the corner into our bathroom

Coming back from exploring the hallway to her bedroom

Checking out the goodies on the entertainment center

Yeah, so we realize we have two potential hazards here:
1) Obviously the cord
2) Using an unsteady lamp to try to pull up

(We're working on the baby-proofing)

And now that she can crawl around, she is going to things and trying to hold on to them to stand up. In just the past two or three days, she has learned how to stand up very quickly. I wish that whatever new skill she learned would be enough for her for a while. She's just always ready to move to the next thing. The other night she was standing and holding onto the couch and taking tiny steps down the length of the couch as she held on. I hope we have a little more time before she actually gets the walking down!

She tried to use the laundry basket to pull up...

...but when she couldn't because it wasn't steady, she just decided to help with the laundry!

And lastly, this is how we found her tonight before her bath:

So proud of herself

Checking out the long way to the floor

We'd already lowered her crib mattress once - looks like we will be doing that again tomorrow! She is growing at lightning speed and sometimes I feel like we can hardly keep up. However, it's amazing to experience things through her eyes. It's all so new to her and she is amazed by it all and I love watching her take it all in and learn! Even though I wish she would slow down a little, I'm so proud of her! I have a feeling the fun is only beginning!


  1. ohhhh, friend. crawling is ONLY the beginning. before you know it, miss priss will be walking and RUNNING all over the place. you'll get up to throw away an apple core, and you'll come back to find that your angel has hauled herself up onto the couch and is RUNNING back and forth along the cushions. and i wanted to tell you ... if you ever get enough of miss ava, just go ahead and send her to our house. :) love love LOVE the blog!

  2. Yay Ava!! Way to go! You're going to love the crawling stage and walking is just as fun. You can say, "follow Mommy" and she'll learn to come where you are. Lazy? Nah...just fun to have her follow!!

    Love all the pics!

  3. Woah! Already wanting to walk?! Ava, you're growing up soooo fast! It's so exciting that she's crawling around now. I think it's about time we get together again. :)

  4. we DID have classes together!!!!! i was there from 01-05 also! i was a finance major, so i'm sure we were in LOTS of the same classes! how FUN!!!! i was a football slave for my 4 years and also went to every single home game. did you play in the band????

  5. isn't it amazing how much your life changes once they are mobile!? then once the become permanently upright, it gets even more crazy! no more stepping outta the room to fold clothes! ava is so cute and i look at her blog frequently but never think to comment! she is growing so fast! we should get together sometime. since you live so close, we could walk together in the evenings. we have a double stroller and love to take the babies on walks in the evening. hope u guys are great!


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