Sunday, May 10, 2009

While we were gearing up for wedding festivities, Ava was gearing up for a rough weekend. Friday morning she woke up and wasn't quite herself. She was fussy and irritable which is very unusal for the mornings. I was trying to comfort her and noticed she felt a little warm. I took her temp and it was about 99 - nothing really to be concerned about. I was more concerned with the fact that she was shivering and just not herself. Zach thought she was just tired b/c she'd had a bit of a restless night. He was off on Friday but was planning to get some things done b/c of our busy weekend. We gave her some Tylenol and I went ahead on to day care and she fell asleep. When we got there, I took her in and realized she was burning up! I took her temperature again and in the span of 30 minutes it had gone up to 101.4! So we turned right back around and I handed her off to Zach. She ran fever all day (up to 102) and was sleepy and cranky. I called her doctor and they said since she didn't really have any symptoms besides a fever to just give her Tylenol, keep her hydrated and to call back if her fever went up to 105(!!?!) or if it lasted more than 3 days. 105 seemed really high to me but thankfully we never got to that point.

Friday evening we obviously had the rehearsal for the wedding so we left her with my parents. She slept a lot and was cranky there and a totally unhappy little girl. We came home, put her to bed and prayed for a good night's sleep! Thankfully it wasn't too rough and she woke up at 5am Saturday morning. She seemed to feel better and at that point she had no fever. I ran my finger across her top gums and found that one side was extremely swollen. It turns out she was just having an extremely difficult time with this teeth trying to come in. I had to get my hair done at 10 so Zach stayed with Ava until he had to be at the church. My parents were planning on coming to the wedding, and when my mom got there she told me Ava was running fever again and had been inconsolable basically the whole time she'd been at their house. My mom came though to say hi to Sandy and to apologize for not being able to stay. I felt so sorry for my poor baby! I hated that she was going through this while I had to be doing something else. We're very blessed that we had someone who would watch her and take care of her while she was so difficult. With her being so inconsolable all afternoon, we stayed at the reception for only a short while. I hated to do that, but our baby needed us. It was certainly not the best timing for this, but that's life, right?

As of today, the fever is gone (yay!) and she seems much better. I can see that tooth about to break through and am praying it happens soon! We have seen a much happier girl today and are so thankful she is feeling better!

If you haven't tried these for your child's teething, they seem to be a miracle worker! Ava can be screaming and we give her these and she calms down almost instantly!! They are definitely worth a try!


  1. We LOVE those teething tablets!! Kili cut three top teeth at the same time. Teething tablets and motrin were a life saver. We figured out motrin helps considerably more with the pain, esp. at night. Hope her toofy comes thru soon!!

  2. I LOVE these tablets! My friend gave them to me when my daughter was teething and they worked miracles!


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