Sunday, November 8, 2009

Free at last!

Ava got her cast off Friday afternoon!!!! Praise the Lord! I was so ready to see that thing go! It was definitely more difficult doing every day things with it like eating, bathing and getting dressed! The dr said her wrist looked great and that we should try to prevent falls (has he ever had a child???????) and that we don't have to go back unless we notice she has issues with it! She got to enjoy a long bath that night with no bag on her arm!!!

She was so cute when they cut the cast off. She kept rubbing her hands together like she was glad to feel them together again!

We had a good weekend. It was pretty tame but it's nice just spending time together. We have another busy week ahead but they seem to fly by so before we know it, it will be the weekend again

It was a beautiful weekend here and while Zach was grilling dinner, we played outside for a little while.

It seems she's pretty enthused to have the cast off herself! :) I'm glad to see those two arms again!

And that my friends is all I've got!


  1. Hooray for no cast! Have a great week!!

  2. SO glad that dumb ol' cast is gone! girlfriend is precious!!!! BOO for monday. i'll be happy again tomorrow. :)

  3. Glad to see...and hear that her cast is gone. She looks soooo happy to have that thing gone. I have never had a broken bone...but I can tell you I would HATE to have a cast on.

    I hope you have a terrific week, sorry it will be a busy one. Aren't they all busy anymore? Good luck!

    Lisa :)

  4. The last picture is so cute - it looks like she is doing a little cheer!

  5. Oh...I bet you're all so glad to be rid of that cast! I'm so glad she healed nicely and was able to get it off!

    What a cutie!!! Also, I think it would be awesome if we got together some time when we're in. I'll let you know when we're in for more than a day or two. Hope the week does fly by for ya!!!

  6. Awww!! Your little girl looks so happy to be free of her cast! YAY!!

  7. Yay! So glad she is cast free! congrats, mama!

  8. So cute! so happy for you all that the cast is off. xoxo



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