Monday, November 30, 2009

What a mess!

Last Friday night, I was over at my grandma's house and Ava saw a bunch of my cousins coloring. She wanted to get in there and do it so badly but was a little hesitant b/c there were a whole lotta people there. I know she does art projects at school but I'd never had any success with her wanting to color at home. But the next day, she came and crawled into my lap while I was at the desk and picked up a pen and started "writing" so I gave her a piece of paper and a couple of markers, and well - the rest was history.

When she migrated into the kitchen and I had blue marker on my floor, that was the end. Can you see those blue hands?? And the melt down that ensued when color time was over???

Good thing she's getting a set of each of these in her stocking this year!!!!

Maybe these will result in a less messy color time next time and we won't have to color nakey forever!


  1. I love how you've already let her color!! I love the outcome, too... haha. :) Oh & those Tadoodles are so cute! Good times. :)

  2. Too funny! She looks VERY the colored skin.

    Lisa :)

  3. Something else that's mess-free is the Crayola Color Wonder stuff. The paints and markers will only write on the Color Wonder paper...nothing else! Have fun Ava!

  4. haha love it! she's so cute!

    OK i owe you a super big apology! I got your ornaments cough 3 weeks ago cough and I LOVE THEM! they are soo perfect for me and my tree! I went out and started looking for yours and i can't find ANYTHING. I think it's so hard for me now because I love the ones that you picked out for me so i feel so much pressure! I'm going to shop online today and try to find you one and I think i'll just have it shipped to your house? would that be okay? SOOOO SUPER sorry that i have been so slow at getting you yours but I promise I will soon.

    PS I really hope you are the right sarah :) otherwise this is going to look REALLY silly


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