Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I don't have much to say tonight - just wanted to share a couple of cute pictures!

UGH! Do you see how NASTY that cast is??? Praying we don't have to have it anymore after Friday!!!!

Love, love, love this grin! I cannot believe how grown up she seems these days!

It's super busy around here and it probably won't slow down until after the holidays. That's ok though. Speaking of holidays, I'm definitely getting excited about Christmas!! It should be a lot of fun this year!

Like I said - nothing important! Thank goodness we're over halfway through the week - I always feel if I can get through Wednesday, then Thursday and Friday are a piece of cake! :) Hope your week is going well!!!


  1. i'm so with you on the whole surviving wednesday thing... mine felt like it was about 3 days long! hoping sweet girl is castless after tomorrow! LOVE her sweet smile. is it weird that i miss her? haha!

  2. She really is growing up! So she gets her cast off tomorrow?

    Now we only have one day left this week...thank God! It has been one of those weeks!

    Lisa :)


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