Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Little Miss Busy Body

Ava is learning so much these days and since she is doing so many new cute things, I just wanted to write about some of them, mostly for my benefit. And if you don't like it, then oh well - it's MY blog!!

This is what I call deer in the headlights Ava! You can totally tell she was caught doing something she shouldn't. She had gone into our room and she knows she is not supposed to be in there if we aren't. Ava is all about pushing the limits these days. She is majorly independent and this girl is a total busy body and thinks that she is the queen and the world is her kingdom!!!! She gets into EVERYTHING! Every morning while we're getting ready for work she is opening and closing our bathroom drawers and getting stuff out of them constantly. She opens dresser drawers, she takes things off shelves.... it's amazing the things that just randomly show up in our living room or kitchen. And although it's a little frustrating to try to keep her out of stuff, it's incredibly cute that she's so proud of herself!

The other day Zach was playing his play station in our extra bedroom and Ava was in there playing so I went in there to talk to Zach and ended up laying on the bed playing on my phone while we talked. Just a little preface - our extra bedroom is where I store things like my already purchased Christmas gifts and other items that I don't feel like putting away permanently because I know I'll just have to get them back out. Well, there was a box with a present in it sitting on the bedside table. So as I'm laying on the bed, I all of a sudden realize that Ava's head was right next to mine!!!!! What the heck???? She's not that tall! So I looked down ... and that little stinker had lifted this box off the table, pushed it over to the bed and CLIMBED UP ON TOP OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!! As I was looking down she was in the process of trying to climb the rest of the way up on the bed!!!!! How does she know how to do this?????? I was shocked and told her not to climb but I was secretly proud that she is so resourceful! When she wants to do something, by-golly she's gonna find a way to do it!!!!!

She's also starting to put lots more syllables together to "talk". She has a new word that she walks around saying all the time and that is uh-oh!! Sometimes it's used in the right context - sometimes not so much! But I can definitely tell the talking is coming. Tonight when I walked in the door after work, she said something that sounded like "HEY!" and then got up and came over to me!! Adorable!

And to end the night, a couple of cute pictures:

You know a girl's gotta be tired when she has to lay down to keep playing with her toys!

And I'll leave you with Ava-Zombie!!!!! Good night!!!!

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  1. Ava-Zombie = Hillarious! Isn't is crazy how one day you turn around and your baby is becoming her own little person? And you just think, "wow" :)

    p.s. Thank you so much for your sweet comment onmy blog. It is good to know I am not the only one who struggles with "funks" every now and then!


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