Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas songs and movies

One of my most favorite things about Christmas is the music!!!!! I looooooove Christmas music! My all time favorite traditional Christmas song is O Holy Night. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

But, a couple of years ago I heard this song and I adore it too:

Isn't it beautiful?

And don't you just love Christmas movies???? I know I do! I've got so many set up to record on the DVR to catch when there's nothing else to do or watch. I know how corny it is but this is high up on my list of Christmas movies:

Goofy, I know, but I cannot help but laugh the whole time I watch this!!

What are your favorite Christmas songs and movies???


  1. O Holy Night is by far my favorite song!! I learned to play it on the piano when I was little, and it just always gives me chills when I hear it. It also reminds me of "Home Alone". :) I guess that's one of my favorite movies, but I think I'm also with you on "Elf". We showed it to our 8th graders a few years ago as a reward, and they didn't laugh nearly as much as we teachers did...I guess they just didn't "get" how hilarious it is! I need to watch it soon!

  2. Oh I LOVE Elf... it's my favorite Christmas movie. :)

  3. Elf is such a classic! My all time favorite Christmas movie is The Grinch Who Stole Christmas w/ Jim Carrey. And my all time favorite Christmas Song is Silent Night ;)

    cute cute post!


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