Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekend wrap up & getting ready for Christmas!

We had such a woooooooooonderful weekend. I'm so sad when they end because I love all the family time we get on the weekends and it seems like there is way less of that during the week.

Friday evening, Zach and I went to a surprise birthday party for one of my best friends. She was soooo soooo surprised, not only for the party but for a couple of surprise guests. It was so worth the trip to surprise her! The party was at this incredible Japanese steakhouse where they cook in front of you! We had so much fun.

After the party, we decided to make the most of our free night and went to see The Blindside. Let me just say, if you haven't seen this, you should. What an incredible story to remind us, especially at this season of giving, that there are so many out there who have so little. There are so many ways to help others so I encourage you to find a way to do that this Christmas season. Each person likes to give back in different ways so do what fits you. Our family personally likes to help those who might not otherwise have any type of Christmas.

Today we had church and Christmas choir practice and afterwards we went to a birthday party for 3 of my cousins! We had a HUGE breakthrough today! Ava is usually so shy when we go somewhere with lots of people she doesn't easily recognize. She clings and doesn't want anything to do with anyone except me usually. Well, today I sat her down to eat with the other little kids on the floor and I guess that was the key. She just got down and in the middle of it and went to anyone and everyone! I hope she remembers this behavior at Christmas!!

How cute is this??? She was sitting on my cousin's lap watching the 3 birthday girls blow out their candles! I love how her little hands are clasped together and she was just taking it all in. I think she was ready for some cake!

Christmas is 19 away!!! WOO! Are you done with your shopping? I have one gift left to buy for a Dirty Santa exchange but I know what I'm getting and have to go pick it up. I guess now I need to start the wrapping! Oh, and putting all the decals on this little baby:

This is what Santa is bringing the little miss. She loves playing with the dishes and kitchen at school and we think she'll love this. I can't wait for her to see it!!

I don't really want much this year. In fact I had to really think to come up with things to put on my list. I do want a pair of these though:

These are the black glitter Toms. For every pair of these shoes (any Toms shoe), a pair of shoes is donated to a child in need! I have heard from others that these are incredibly comfy shoes so I can't wait to own a pair!

What's on your Christmas list??


  1. PRECIOUS pose!!!! love those hands. :) the kitchen is fabulous! she'll love it, mom. how have i never heard of toms shoes?!? checking them out now. hope your monday is fast, friend.

  2. Awww..what a great picture of Ava!! Also, I'm glad she had so much fun with all of her cousins...I bet Christmas will be awesome for her!

    Kate's getting a kitchen too. Brad's parents are getting it for her. Like Ava, Kate loves anything to do with cooking and work in the kitchen. Aren't they at such a fun age?!?!? Glad y'all had a fantastic weekend!

  3. That pose is SO sweet!! I love her little hands...she looks so prim and proper...such cuteness! :) And that kitchen is NICE! That will be so fun to give her. :)

  4. okay, that kitchen is FAB! Can Ava and I come for dinner? And I am totally loving the Toms as well. Comfy and cute?!?! Please sign me up!

  5. Ava is adorable as always.

    On the Tom shoes...make sure they are a little tight to start with or they will be way too big because they stretch out...but they are so comfy...and light on your feet. I hope you get these!

    Lisa :)


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