Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ready for a break!

WHEW! It's only Tuesday and I'm WORN OUT! Sucks for me that there are still 3 more days until the weekend. Work has been super crazy this week. I've got lots of deadlines to meet before year end and next week and the week after are short weeks (but don't be thinking I'm not happy about that!). I also have to unexpectedly be out this Thursday as my great great uncle (see post here) passed away yesterday afternoon and his funeral is Thursday. His passing marked a very sad day on earth for so very many people whose lives he touched, but no doubt was a glorious day for him as he is no longer in pain and is Home.

Thankfully the insane busyness is pretty much only work related. I have been incredibly pro-active about my Christmas shopping this year and am finished! WOO! The presents are all wrapped and under the tree. Our biggest thing left to do is to put together Ava's kitchen and that's on the agenda for this weekend.

Ava has been very busy at school this week making Christmas things and today they had a Christmas party. Friday is pajama and pizza party day so it should be a fun day too. Zach has been very busy too with his first concert coming up this week and party planning for his kiddos. Rumor has it that he's getting his kids cookie cakes and I'm hoping there might be one little piece left for him to bring home to me and Ava. :)

So we're all busy. And two outta the three of us will have the next two weeks off... unfortunately neither of the lucky two are Mama. :( I'll be off some, just not the full two weeks.

So now that you are all caught up on our lives, here's what I know lots of you come for - pictures of Ava (and if you are my friend on FB you have probably already seen some of these. but that's ok - just look again!)!

A sweet college friend got married over the weekend and Zach was judging some tryouts so this cutie was my date

Is this picture seriously not precious??

Sunday afternoon I wrapped all of our gifts.. and Ava found one of hers (I bought this particular one for her birthday and after she got so much loot, I decided to not give it to her and kept it until now - according to how badly she wanted it out, it will be a big hit!)

"Helping me "wrap"

We went to ride the holiday train at the park last night and had to bundle up! Ava seemed to enjoy looking at all the lights!

And here are a few from tonight - I'm not sure why we bothered with Christmas gifts when a laundry basket was great entertainment for almost 30 minutes!

Hope YOUR week is going a little smoother than mine! I keep telling myself it's only temporary! :) Good night!


  1. Sarah, I'm so sorry to hear about your great great uncle, but from what you've told me about him I know he is right where he wants to be...with Jesus!! Love - Iva

  2. Ava is precious in her little animal print coat!


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