Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Look what came today!

You know you've reached a new stage in life when getting something to help you do chores (yuck!) excites you.

We had a delivery made today and into our lives came these front loading beauties:

I know, so exciting!!

Now, if you know me, you know that I am definitely NOT an impulse buyer when it comes to big items. (I sometimes give into the urge for smaller things.) I typically go back and forth about whether or not we really need something, how bad we need it and how it will affect our finances. Yeah, cuz I'm a nerd like that. And I'm okay with that. And we usually discuss these type of purchases for several months before we ever make a decision. We research what we want, look around different stores to see where we can get the best deal, and then wait until we've planned the purchase to fit into our finances. Zach and I are (thankfully) pretty similar in our thoughts on large purchases and how to spend on our money so this works well for us.

So you might be surprised to learn that we made the decision to buy these babies in like three hours. I kid you not.

Did we need a new washer and dryer? Absolutely not. I bought a set when I graduated college 4.5 years ago and they were totally fine.

Had we discussed buying new ones? Nope. Not in the least.

So, why, you ask?

We were offered an opportunity to get these at an unbelievable price. I mean, it was practically robbery. And while we didn't need them and it would have been a few years before we did, I kept thinking of how sick I'd be when we wanted them and would end up paying probably at least over $1,000 more for them, if not more. So we took the plunge and they moved into our home this afternoon. And since our old ones are still in good condition, I'm hoping we can sell them for at least a little bit. (Anyone interested????!)

Because of the deal we were getting, we didn't have a choice of one of the pretty colored ones, but ya know, beggars can't be choosers. And I mean, they sit in our utility room, so other than all of you, who will really see them?

And I also think it's a little funny that I'm so excited about them, because I'm gonna be honest here. Zach pretty much does all of our laundry. I'm a lucky girl. I do it some but for the most part it's his deal. I hope he enjoys them!! :)


  1. You're not a nerd, Sarah....YOU'RE AN ACCOUNTANT!!! Haha! It just comes with the territory!

    p.s. I'm jealous about your new chore toys!!

  2. Great impulse purchase in my opinion! We got front loaders when we bought our new house and I LOVE them!! Oh and I am jealous Zach does all the laundry. Brandon doesn't even know how to work the washer! Haha!

  3. i'm SO jealous!!!!! 1) for the fabulous washer and dryer and 2) for the laundry-doing hubby!!! WHERE did you find this one?!?!? hahah! :) love it, friend.

  4. Wow, those are awesome!! I am jealous...of these AND your husband doing laundry!! :)

  5. Sarah-

    I HATE laundry...but it might be lots better with those WONDERFUL machines. I am glad you got a deal on them.

    Merry Christmas!

    Lisa :)


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