Sunday, April 25, 2010

Great weekend!!!

This was one of those weekends that didn’t just scream by and I loved it!!!!! When I got home Friday, we took care of a few things and then went and grabbed dinner at our favorite Mexican place! Ava loves it too! (I think it’s so cute what the humidity does to her hair!)ava@mexicanWe headed home and tidied up a little. Thankfully we were neat this week and didn’t have much to do in the way of cleaning – woohoo! After Ava went to sleep we watched New Moon.

We woke up to rain Saturday morning! I love “sleeping in” to dark skies and ran (hey, I’ll take 7:00 – it’s later than I get up during the week!)! After a short break in the rain, Zach thought he’d try to run and do the grocery shopping. I attacked another beast – our closet!! A few weeks ago I started going through the house doing some spring cleaning (kinda). I did lots of cleaning and purging – and kept putting off our closet! I figured it’d be bad. It actually didn’t take all that long and I’m sooooooo glad I did it, b/c it looks so great and now I don’t have it looming over me!!!! After all of that we just ran some errands and relaxed the rest of the day.

Ava woke up this morning and as I walked out of her room (at 6:58 b/c I glanced at the clock), Zach says “I wonder if we should try and make it to Mass at 8:00?” We made it and I’m glad we did. Afterwards we had breakfast with my grandparents, took care of a few things I needed to do, and then exchanged some stuff at Wal-Mart, all before 11:00! Right before nap time I wanted to try on Ava’s flower girl dress and shoes for my cousin’s wedding in 4 weeks:IMG_9848Lexie, I hope we have better luck on your wedding day!! However, I can totally see this going down….

Zach had to go to a function for his school tonight so Ava and I spent the afternoon/evening by ourselves. We made a quick trip to Target and then came home and made dinner. After dinner we always head straight for the bath and as always she enjoyed playing in there.IMG_9859IMG_9861 Doing what she loves to do – brushing her teeth. She’d do it all day if we let her. She randomly goes to the bathroom and gets her toothbrush out and “brushes”… crazy kid.IMG_9866 And my freshly clean little girl – love her!!!!!!!IMG_9868 I hope everyone has had as great a weekend as we did!!! And here’s to a great week!!!

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  1. glad you all had a great weekend! that flower girl dress is adorable, and i hope she will begin to love it over the next few weeks. :) i love the bath time photos, too - so fun!

  2. YAY for a great weekend!! You deserve it! Ava is so sweet in her little flower girl dress! hope you have a great week friend!!

  3. this future pediatric dentist is thrilled to hear that ava loves to brush her teeth! :) hope she keeps it up! and cute pics!

  4. what a fun weekend!!!! wish we'd been neat last week ... spend my WHOLE saturday cleaning and scrubbing. ick. the flower girl dress is TOO cute! can't wait to see pictures, friend. love how she brushes her teeth ... the wild woman is obsessed with brushing too. yay for dental hygeine! haha! loves!!

  5. You should have gotten a bathing suit and a tub of water for her as the flower girl dress. She probably wouldn't cry then!

  6. I love her hair in the first picture!! And the pic of her in the flower girl dress is adorable, even if she is screaming her head off! lol :)


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