Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter 2010!!!

What a beautiful Easter Sunday! The sun shone (for part of the day). Church was great. It was just a great day all around!

We started out with seeing what the Easter Bunny brought Ava!IMG_0867IMG_0869 She got a new puzzle and some Mickey Mouse books to help with colors, shapes, numbers and some other things!

While she was drinking her milk she realized the Easter Bunny had left some eggs for her to find (& she didn’t even care that they were all empty – haha!)!IMG_0877 IMG_0879 IMG_0881 She was so excited over it all she had to do a little dance!!!IMG_0892

We also hunted some eggs outside but she wasn’t so into that. It’s been wet from rain and she was so excited to be out there, she just wanted to run around!

We got all dressed for church and couldn’t get a decent picture of the kid! This was the best she would give us!IMG_0925

We also didn’t get any great family shots either, but this one’s not bad.


We went to a gorgeous Mass to celebrate. The service and music were both beautiful! We skipped the egg hunt afterwards – Ava wasn’t in such a hot mood and we knew we’d be having one later so we opted to get her down for a nap before lunch. She took a good nap and woke up in a great mood and played. We had lunch with my gigantic family – I think there were 40 people there, including my grandparents and aunt and uncle from Illinois! We not only celebrated Easter today but my dad’s birthday as well!

After lunch we headed over to another aunt & uncle’s house for a massive Easter egg hunt! Ava made out like a bandit and came home with $18 – I have a feeling she’s not going to let the Easter bunny get by with empty eggs for too many years (hey, in the EB’s defense – she didn’t need candy b/c she got a ton at school!). IMG_0965

Ava got bored with the eggs after a while when she found the swing set! Look at what the humidity did to her hair – it was super curlyIMG_0974

I hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating our Lord’s resurrection!


  1. Oh how I LOVE her Easter outfit with little yellow bow - sooooooooo adorable!!!!

  2. what a great easter ya'll had! Ava looks simple adorable!! love to you girls!!! xoxo


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