Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Weekend – in iphone pics

The weather for the past week has been absolutely beautiful! We spent as much time outside this weekend playing!

This child loves to play outside, especially with her ball! (only non iphone pic)IMG_0977

We also spent a little time this weekend working inside. I moved out all of Ava’s clothes that don’t fit anymore (sadness!!) This goober saw her old Bumbo seat and wanted to sit in it – then got mad when she couldn’t get out. bumbo We did some inside work too on some laundry! I sure hope that Ava always loves to do laundry as much as she does now!!!!laundry 1laundry 2 I also finally got to let Ava do something I’ve been wanting to let her try for a while!!! We have a grocery store just a couple minutes from our house where we go when we need just a couple of things or in an emergency! I’ve noticed they have mini shopping carts and I never seem to have Ava with me when I go. We had to get a couple of things for dinner last night on our way home so she finally got to go shopping and she had an absolute ball!!!!cart1cart 2cart 3 She was a bit of a mad woman and was driving very erratically and fast! Stay clear if you ever see her coming with a shopping cart!

Yes… I know we live a wildly exciting life! :) And I wouldn’t change one minute of it for anything!!


  1. OMG! I remember going with my mom to the grocery store where they had kid carts. You're creaing great memories for her!

  2. Oh how I love the mini shopping cart! How fun!!!! And she wanted to sit in her bumbo seat?!! LOL

  3. How cute is that shopping cart??? :) That is absolutely adorable. Scarlett loves to do laundry too! It cracks me up. We should seriously get the girls together now that Scarlett is walking around. I bet they would have fun!!

  4. The shopping cart is too cute!! Looks like she had a blast. I found your blog from Page's Teeny-Tiny Kitchen and I like to stop by to see what Ava is up to :) Hailey loves to play outside too, we need to get them together some time, especially since we are right across the street.

  5. love these. that shopping cart is the cutest thing ever! can't imagine the wild woman with one ... yikes. hope y'all have a fantastic wednesday!!! :)


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