Sunday, October 10, 2010

Good weekend!

Why is it that Saturday and Sunday always pass by soooooo quickly?? I hate that it feels like we blink and the weekend is over. I’m ready for another vacation! Too bad I have a couple more months to wait for some extended time off of work!

Anyway, we had a fun weekend! We went to NWA yesterday to watch the Hogs play (the longest game E.V.E.R.) with our friends Adam and Sandy. Before we headed to their house, we stopped by to see my brother Stephen. We’d been to his house when he first moved in but hadn’t been back to see it all put together. Ava found a little toy in one of his extra rooms that she thought was pretty cool:

Good thing those live at Uncle Stephen’s house and not ours! :)

We woke up and went to early morning church and came home and lounged for a while. This afternoon, I headed with two of my friends/co-workers to see a movie! We all enjoy reading books by Karen Kingsbury and one of them was recently made into a movie! The movie isn’t showing everywhere but it was playing in NWA and we all wanted to see it so jumped in the car to head up there! We had lots of fun and the movie was sooooo good! The song that played at the end of the movie was “What I Cannot Change” by LeAnn Rimes. I’d never heard this before but the words to the chorus are so true and so pertinent for our lives:

“I will learn to let go what I cannot change. I will learn to forgive what I cannot change. I will learn to love what I cannot change. But I will change whatever I, whenever I can.”

Such a good reminder that our lives and the situations we face our out of our hands and we must rely on Christ to get us through! We can however change our attitudes and behaviors and how we react to said situations! Definitely a reminder I’ve needed as of late!

And to wrap up, just a cute new thing Ava is doing. Lately we’ve noticed her “singing” along to theme songs of her favorite shows. I took a video of her tonight signing along to the theme of one of her favorite shows, Little Einsteins (or Ein-stei-eins in her words! I love that she adds that extra syllable!). You can’t hear the actual song very well but you get the idea!

Hope you all have had a great weekend too! Be thinking of me tomorrow morning as I sit through a two and a half hour meeting – happy Monday to me! :)


  1. Cute, cute, cute! :)
    And yes- longest game ever and weekends go too fast! :(

  2. Love that song! I just bought it on iTunes. My other favorite line is "it is easier to please the world than myself". WOW!

    Do you have any of the Karen Kingsbury books I could borrow? I would like to read them. I may check the library.


  3. This is SOOOO cute! I was bummed I missed out on the actual performance, but I'm glad you got it on video! Looks like you have a future drummer on your hands : ) Have a great day, Sarah!!


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