Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to you! I wasn’t holding much hope for our  house participating, considering every time I tried to get Ava’s costume on her, she’d pitch a fit! However, she was quiet cooperative today and wore her costume! I also thought she wouldn’t trick-or-treat because she’s not so fond of people she doesn’t know, but she marched herself right up to doors said “trick-or-tree” and then said thank you after getting her candy! I was so proud of her! Here’s our little witch!!

IMG_1695 IMG_1630 IMG_1633 IMG_1676

Now, we can move on to getting through Thanksgiving (which I like just fine), and onto my favorite season, the Christmas season!!! woohoo!! Wishing you all a good week!!


  1. What an adorable costume! She is so cute! Isn't it funny how a little candy will change a personality, ha! I saw a different side of my daughter tonight too :) Happy Halloween!

  2. Ava is so adorable; I just love her smile!

  3. I love that costume! She just has the cutest little smile!

    I'm with you on getting through Thanksgiving and getting TO Christmas...if only I could get myself in gear and get the shopping done EARLY this year! Ha!

    Can't wait to see y'all this weekend!

  4. She is sooo stinking cute!! That is the cutest little witch costume I've ever seen!! :)

  5. Just wanted to let you know you won the giveaway on my blog, but I can't find an email for you to email you the info. Email me at and I will get it to you!


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