Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The one that is random!

I have a few things I want to cover in this post so it will kind of be all over the place. How’s everyone doing this week? We’ve already got 2 of the 5 work days down, so that’s definitely a good thing!

First of all, please go check out this giveaway by clicking on the picture:

My friend Sarah from Life {Sweet} Life has put together three amazing chances to win over $300 worth of products made up from donations from various people. You can read the entire story on her blog, but the short version is that her niece has hearing loss and her hearing aids are maxed out and can do no more for her should she get worse. She needs cochlear implants but her insurance will not cover it. By donating $5 to Laci’s giveaway, you can get an entry to one of the awesome set of products! Please take a moment to check this out and help if you can!

And next – have any of heard of Amazon Mom? If not, go here and check it out! Y’all, yesterday I paid $24.50 for a big box of diapers that would normally cost me around $45!! If you sign up for Amazon mom, you get 15% off of things like diapers and wipes! Then, if you sign up for automatic delivery, you get an extra 15% off! So you have the potential to get up to 30% off! I’ve heard if you have a coupon code you can combine that too! They offer FREE two day shipping on diapers and wipes as well. Can’t beat that people! I wish this had been around when Ava was younger and we went through soooo many diapers!

And lastly, just a little on the Lady of the House! Over the weekend, out of the blue, Ava decided she needed to play with her babies! We’ve had them around for a long time and she’s shown a little interest in them, but not like now. She took them shopping in her cart, pushed them in the stroller, fed them in her chair, and went and grabbed her night-nights (blankets) to cover them up! IMG_1583 When I was a little girl, my great uncle made me this baby cradle. I’ve had it in Ava’s room with her stuffed animals and dolls and pulled it out the other day. She loved putting the babies to bed and rocking them!IMG_1584IMG_1586 IMG_1587IMG_1590photo(6) So cute! i love watching her grow and enjoying new things!

Ok, that’s all! I told ya it was random! hope you all are having a good week!!!


  1. I think she is telling you something....she wants a baby brother or sister : )

  2. So cute how she takes care of her babies : ) Love that little cradle, too. A family friend of my parents made me one when I was little that looks almost identical to that one! Have a great week, Sarah!!

  3. So sweet! Oh my word, isn't Amazon Mom the greatest thing since sliced bread?! I was giddy over the wipes deal. It figures we're almost done with diapers...to think the $$ we would have saved...oh well!


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