Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Reed Update – 15ish months

Reed has past 15 months old and is well on his way to 16 months, and 18 months, and TWO! WAAHHHHH!!!!! I haven’t done an update on him lately so I wanted to do so as there are some things I want to remember about this age.

  • He is still the SWEETEST baby boy. I love him. When he looks at me and says “Mama” my heart almost explodes!
  • He is chattering up a storm. He has a fairly long list of words for this: Dada, Mama, Sister, school, shoe, sock, hi, bye, go, uh-oh, more, cookie, Papa, please, thank you, and poopoo. He surprises me often with a new word. In fact, over the weekend, I’d made cookies for a bake sale, and told Ava she could have one later, and Reed took his paci out of his mouth, said “cooook-eeee” and grinned at me! Funny how they know things so early.
  • He listens and helps very well. Every morning I ask him to hand his lunch to his teacher and he carries it over to her.
  • One morning at school he got a book out and went to sit on the carpet where they have story time. After he “read” it, he put it down and got up. I told him to put it away and he picked it up and put it away. I was very proud of him!IMG_7799
  • Tantrums are in full force. Legs kicking, back arching, body going limp. Check, check, check. Sometimes I just have to laugh at him. Others I want the floor to swallow me up.
  • He typically sleeps 10-12 hours. He still takes two naps most days at home, but has more or less transitioned to one at school.
  • In the next month, he is going to transition to the toddler room at school. (SOB) He will be in with some older kids, will start napping on the floor, have a set schedule, and etc. I know it will be good for him and he will have fun, but it makes me sad that this is already here. (However, I’m not sad about the $25/month I’ll save from this! holla!)
  • He wears 18 month clothes but will be in 24 months very soon. He is wearing a size 5 shoe and a size 5 diaper. He weighs about 26 pounds and is 32 inches. He is growing like a weed.


  • Reed’s four molars have all finally come in. WOOHOO! It was a horrible process for him. I assume he’ll get his canines in the next few months and we’ll have no break before two year molars. ha!
  • When Reed wants something or someone, he walks over to it and lifts his arms and opens and closes his hands really quickly. LOVE LOVE when he does this to me.
  • When he gets really excited about something, he breathes in very deeply and makes the funniest inhaling sounds and then lets out the giddiest laugh. Love his laugh and giggles.


  • Life with this little boy is never dull. He is SO funny and makes us laugh.
  • He is also the happiest, sweetest little love. He is my little buddy and I’m so, so grateful for the joy he brings to us!

IMG_7835 IMG_7898

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