Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend fun!

Zach was gone most of the weekend for All-Region, so the kids and I had a lot of alone time. I picked them up Friday from school and told Ava we could have Chick-fil-a or pancakes for dinner. She chose pancakes!

We had a quiet evening Friday night. Ava and I hung out on the couch watching movies until it was time for her to go to bed. Zach got home around 9:30 and I crashed shortly thereafter. I was exhausted.

Saturday we met some friends for a lunch date! The kids were excited to be leaving the house!IMG_7988

They were also excited to eat! When Reed saw our food, he kept saying “ooooo-ooooh” in a two tone voice. so cute!IMG_7997 

We got some lovely looks from a “perfect mom” – you know, the kind whose kids are angels ALL the time. Yeah, that one. Her poor kid looked like she would rather be with us b/c our kids were obviously having more fun! ha!

It was a really nice weekend weather wise and I told Ava if she took a nap, we would go to the park after. She and Reed had so much fun running around and climbing! Reed thought he was as big as Ava and could do all she did!IMG_8002 IMG_7998IMG_8007   IMG_8006 IMG_8008IMG_8005IMG_8004 

Ava had wanted to take her bike to the park but I talked her out of it. She asked again to ride on our way home, so we got out of the car, loaded up the bike stroller and took off! She went the entire way around our block, which is quite long! I was proud of her!    IMG_8009IMG_8011

Saturday night after the kids were settled, Zach and I watched Trouble with the Curve. It was a good movie…. until about 20 minutes from the end when the DVD stopped playing. Ugh! Thanks, netflix! I didn’t want to miss the ending b/c it stopped working right before the climax so we will have to finish when the replacement disk arrives!

We went to early morning church and after we got home, we had work to do. Zach headed to the grocery store with the kids while I started some major deep cleaning. I worked most of the day and managed to get three rooms done. Sadly, they were the smallest and easiest and there are too many too go, but at least I’ve started.

We had a newish dish for dinner tonight. I’ve made it once before and that was a while ago. Every one loved it! It’s Chicken Parm Bake and I’ll share the recipe soon!IMG_8019

Zach and Ava get the day off tomorrow. I’m so jealous. I’d love another three day weekend, but all in time I guess. Zach has another busy week and I have several things I need to get done at work, so hopefully we’ll have a good week! I know it will be the weekend again before we know it! have a lovely week!


  1. That dish looks so yummy, I can't wait for you to share the recipe!! I have to work as well tomorrow while my hubby and kids get the day off, so unfair. :0( What happened to your daily posts of your day in the life? I couldn't believe how similar our days were, crazy busy! Here's to a great week!

  2. Oh that looks so good! I will be trying this when you share the recipe! :) I'm not loving that I'm working today either... Hope your week is great!


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