Sunday, January 27, 2013

still alive

This past week was brutal, friends. Work was busy, I was tired, and then Reed got sick. We’re still here and still kicking though.

Monday, Zach and Ava had the day off. Zach got up and cleaned out the garage. I’m SO grateful he did because it looks SO good and it’s so much easier to maneuver in there! After he worked in the morning, he and Ava met me for a lunch date!IMG_8021

Mid-week I woke up in and the result of my morning not going right put me in a BAD mood. Our DVD player was messed up so I wasn’t able to do my workout. I was frustrated I didn’t get my work out in and I was frustrated I got up early for nothing. In reality, it wasn’t a big deal but it threw my day off.

So, these smiles….IMG_8040and a 99cents Sonic drink helped pull me out of my funk.

I had a busy work at week, including two full days of checking schedules which resulted in this each day:IMG_8051

Ava celebrated her 100th day of school and had to take 100 of something. Every week after dance, she gets a Tootsie Roll and she LOVES them so we decided to send those. I made her count 10 sets of 10.IMG_8048

We had dinner out on Thursday and I forgot Reed’s sippy cup. He thought having a cup with a straw was the best thing ever. IMG_8054

Friday afternoon my mom picked the kids up from school and called to tell me that Reed had refused his lunch and his snack. If Reed’s not eating, something is wrong. She called me back to tell me he had fever. Zach was planning to go to the grocery store when he got off and instead, went to check on Reed. He called the pediatrician’s office right before 4:00 and they said they don’t make appointments after 4:00 unless the nurse okays it. The nurse called back around 4:15 and said they’d have to talk to the dr. Around 5:30, they finally called and said they were calling him in an antibiotic and that if he wasn’t better in 72 hours to call. He’s some better but still isn’t eating very well and has been very fussy all weekend. He’s very congested and snotty. I’m hoping the antibiotic will kick in soon (if it’s even something that can be helped) and will be back to his happy self soon! He is currently like this:IMG_8059

He won’t let me hold him. It’s so sad. He gets little bursts of energy but they are over very quickly. He’s not running fever so I don’t really think it’s the flu. I guess if he’s not better in the morning, we will be calling the doctor back.

I’m going to go ahead and hope this week is better than last!

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